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This Minimal House is a space that evolved from a husband and wife tackling small do it yourself projects on the weekends, to a husband and wife that wanted to share more, encourage others, and to not only turn our 1963 brick ranch into our dream home, but to turn it into the most practical space for our family. We have learned tips and tricks along the way, and have done extensive research to ensure the content we are putting out there is accurate and reliable. We are 100% self taught do it yourself homebodies that want to empower you to do the same. You're capable and the sky is the limit. You have the ability to transform your space, and we hope that OUR space helps you meet your dream. We are so encouraged by you, and incredibly thankful for your readership.

Sponsorships are any bloggers dream come true. Our goal, aside from small projects, is to work with brands that we believe in, and flow effortlessly into our daily lives. We want to promote minimalism, as we believe everyone deserves the mental freedom that it promotes. A motto we live and stand by is, "Less is more". The brands we pursue will mimic that motto to ensure we are 100% standing by our content. If you are a large brand and are interested in working with This Minimal House we would love to chat. You can contact us here!

Small Shops are something we are so incredibly passionate about. Being a small business owner myself, with both photography and our print shop, we understand the true hustle that goes on behind the scenes. We know the struggle when you feel like your talent isn't being seen or getting the recognition you know it deserves. Our goal is to highlight small shops on This Minimal House that have a social media following ranging from 200-500. While we would love to magnify larger shops, our hearts right now, are with the small shops. If you're a small shop please drop us a line here so we can get the ball rolling. 

Affiliate Links are the links you'll find in sporadic blog posts that are typically bold and italic (as to not be deceptive). These links are products we stand behind and want to share with YOU, our awesome readers. By clicking these links and purchasing our family, and This Minimal House, receive a very small commission that goes right back into this space for content. We can't tell you how much it means to us that you guys stop by this space, read, and follow our journey. If you've purchased from our affiliate links in the past, we see you, and are giving you a virtual high five!