Five simple tips to maintain a minimal home

Five simple ways to maintain a minimal home

We touched base on this topic in our daily habits to be a successful minimalist post, but today we wanted to go even more in depth on this topic that allows us to have so much more free time at home instead of constantly “cleaning”.

Minimalism is successful mostly thanks to the daily maintenance we perform, and today we want to share those tips and tricks with you, so you can have a clear mind and most importantly the ability to utilize your time wisely. Here are the five simple tips that allow us to maintain a minimal home on a daily basis.

Tip #1: Cleaning regiment

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times, our kitchen is hands down my favorite room in the house to clean/tidy up. It takes me all of five minutes to make it look like this. We’ve shared our fool proof cleaning hacks before, and this simple tip mimics that. Every single morning I wake up, unload the dishwasher, load it with whatever was leftover in the sink. Next I wipe down all the counters, appliances, and cabinets (if they need it). Finally I do a quick sweep of the floors, because minimalists or not our damn dogs shed like crazy and that’s a daily, all day habit we have to keep up with.

The key to kitchen success is not leaving any dishes in your sink period. After every single meal, the dishes get washed off, then immediately placed into the dishwasher. Just by completing this simple habit you’re allowing yourself to walk through a clean kitchen, and avoiding a sink full of dirty dishes that you’ll just want to keep avoiding.

Tip #2: Junk drawer/mail

It’s safe to say we all have some kind of ‘junk’ somewhere. One thing that tends to accumulate rather quickly is junk mail. I can’t tell you how mad it makes me that we waste so much paper on ads/junk mail that ultimately just get tossed. Our second simple way to maintain a minimal home is to go through your mail on a daily basis. Don’t put it in a cabinet, or leave it on the counter. Every single day sort through it and discard what you don’t need and take care of what you do.

Tip #3: Nothing comes in

Everything in your home should have meaning and add to your space. If it takes away, doesn’t get used on a daily basis, there’s no need to keep it. The same thing applies to shopping. Kick the shopping habits and impulse buys. Don’t feel obligated to take on someone elses goodwill bag, or items they’re purging from their home. Remember this is your space, not anyone elses. Keeping it as clutter free as possible is what will give you peace of mind. However, if you enjoy shopping I always make it a rule if one thing comes into your home, one thing must leave.

Tip #4: Clear off surfaces

Our fourth simple tip to keeping a minimal home is to clear off your surfaces. It’s as easy as that! Do you have items sitting on your counter tops? Dresser? Dining room table? Clear them off. If you’ve been following us for awhile you know that we don’t have anything sitting on our kitchen counters. Appliances that we use are stored away in the cabinets, and pulled out when we use them. Having clean counter tops in the kitchen, and every other room, allow for a very fast and efficient clean up. You’re not moving things around trying to clean under items, you’re literally just wiping off the counter space.

Tip #5: Always have a decluttering mentality

Just because your home is clean, and you’re practicing daily habits, doesn’t mean you stop being proactive. Make sure you’re always aware of the spaces in your home, especially corners or cabinets that can acquire the most clutter. Continuously go through bedrooms and cabinets on a weekly basis and make sure they’re in tip top shape. Once an area starts to gain clutter build up, is when the overwhelming anxiety sets in, making it that much harder to tackle something!

I hope these five simple tips help you maintain a minimal home, and completely change your life in regards to your habits and overall mental health. I know they absolutely do for us! If you enjoyed this post, we encourage you to share it on your page for those that might need to read these tips today. There’s no reason to live a stressful life smothered with clutter.