How to create a minimal, everyday dining room table.

Whether your home is an open floor plan layout like ours, or you have a formal dining room, minimal design can be applied to either situation. Creating minimal spaces will offer your room dimension with the help of color schemes and textures.

We just recently purchased this beautiful dining room table with these benches. They both add the perfect tone in our dining room, especially mixed with our diy modern fireplace transformation. We tied it all in with this gorgeous rug.

The only thing missing now is the everyday decor the top of the table. Right now it’s perfect as it is, but like I mentioned before I really want to add depth and dimension so make it look more ‘lived’ in and less unfinished. I touched base on this Instagram post in regards to minimalism and it not having to look ‘boring’ by showcasing a color block wall I did in our family room!

Today I want to share products I have my eye on when it comes to my everyday dining room design board. These are products I’m personally piecing together to put the finishing touches on our dining room.

This is the table we purchased. Here’s what it currently looks like in our dining room.

Here is an inspiration photo behind my dining room design board.

I was extremely drawn to the simplicity of the table and the one vase/bowl. I want to implement the same feel and aesthetic with our own dining room.

Here are the products I have in mind to create a minimal, everyday dining room table look.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Are those not FREAKING gorgeous. I’m excited to see how they all come together on our table. And because I am a visual person, I’m thinking about doing a mock up of what they would all look like together! Is that something you guys would be interested in?

Hopefully this post on creating a minimal, everyday dining room table was helpful and motivating for your own space. You don’t have to have a full flown tablescape, sometimes it just takes a few beautiful products to pull the look together.

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