Holding onto keepsakes, letting the clutter go.


I’ve had so many people reach out when it comes to holding onto sentimental items in your home. I totally get it, and I think it’s a natural instinct to want to hold onto something that holds emotional value. For me personally, I own about a handful of items that I have never even thought twice about when it comes to purging them.

For example, as silly as it sounds I still own a Disneyworld shirt that I got when our family went together in 1996. Yes it still fits me, yes I still wear it to bed, yes I wore it when we took our children, and YES I’ll most likely pass it down to my daughter. Some would argue to let go of a shirt, but for me it’s a connection to such a beautiful stage of life, and spending quality time with my family. It was such a big deal to vacation and I cherish that souvenir.

HOWEVER, I will argue back that said shirt doesn’t take up any space, and if we’re going to be 2019 about it I can also add that said shirt can be rolled and tucked away into it’s own little corner of joy. I literally just laughed out loud typing that, but the damn shirt brings me joy people!

So if you’re like me and own one-five items as a keepsake rock on, if you’re someone who struggles with narrowing down that souvenir collection, or here and there items, this post will help offer you some insight on how to move forward with holding onto keepsakes, but letting go of the clutter.


It’s that simple. Take photos of everything you hold onto that has sentimental value and document it. Open up online storage, like the cloud for example or a service like Dropbox. For me this step comes in handy with my children’s artwork. There’s just no possible way to save every single cotton ball creation my children bring home. On top of that the storage containers start to add up, and before you know it you need a storage unit for artwork alone.

I started taking photos of all of my children’s artwork throughout the year, and store it in an art folder on my Dropbox. I plan on going back through and making books of their artwork, but might wait until they’re a little older.

By taking photos of your sentimental items, you allow yourself to still go back and reminisce, without the physical mess.


This step is kind of a branch off of the first step, however think about how many times you actually write something down? We often times don’t because we have the physical item there with us so therefore the word documentation isn’t needed. I also realize it’s not necessarily a great idea to start a collection of notebooks and journals, because that’s just the start of a never ending collection. Look into the digital world to relieve you of the pages. There are so many free options out there when it comes to blogging on an online journal. Write about your vacations, special celebrations like birthdays, I mean I could easily start a blog off of the crazy things my children say.


Right now I currently have over 25 bins of my great grandmothers fabric. A few of those still remain in our basement, and the remainder are not residing in our garage. They storage boxes take us so much space, and I’ve struggled with trying to sell them because deep down I’m like, “You can’t just let this go, these remnants are from a woman who made her own clothes and quilts. However, I realized pretty quickly that sewing just isn’t in my genes, and while I can appreciate the art of creating with fabric, it personally just isn’t for me.

So instead of holding onto boxes and boxes of antique fabric, I’ve been on the hunt to find an avid sewing who enjoys quilting in their past time. This will assist me in freeing up some much needed space, and will give someone else the ability to create something beautiful. It’s a win-win.

I’ve mentioned a few of the next things in my previous posts revolved around minimalism, but wanted to reiterate a few key points that are important to remember when you’re struggling with your journey to minimalism and letting things go.

  • Do you use it on a daily basis? I’ve mentioned in this post, that I only display with importance. If it gets used on a daily basis it stays, if I only use it once a month it’s going to find a new home.

  • Is it something that your family/children will benefit from? It may not be specific to a Disneyland shirt, but is it something that you can confidently say your children will love and appreciate when they’re older? If so hold onto it.

  • If your house was burning down, would it be one of the first things you think of after your family and children, or pets were safe? If so, then it’s important, if not there’s no need to have it in your home.

I hope these tips on how to hold onto keepsakes, without holding onto the clutter was helpful. We all have things we’re attached to, the solution and struggle lies behind what form we’re going to cherish those memories in. This post offers your memories and sentimental attachments in the form of photographs, words, and passing it down to your children/family members.

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