How to plan a minimal and budget friendly vow renewal bridal look

Ten years. Sometimes I can’t even believe ten years has gone by as quickly as it has, but it’s here. Here we are. Let’s do this!

Today I wanted to share the breakdown of how I developed my vow renewal look by taking bits and pieces of my inspiration and incorporating it into what it is now. This is a super cost effective solution if you want to stick to a budget, as well as stepping outside the norm.

I opted to create a personalized look of my own when I just couldn’t commit to a larger price tag purchase for this specific event. Yes I wanted all the beautiful pieces, but I had to be practical at the same time, and I think this look knocked all my dreams out of the park.

Here are two inspiration photos that started this creative process.

Both photos sourced from Pinterest.

If you love this look as much as I do I am dropping the links below the photograph. These links are affiliate links which means I will get a TINY commission if you purchase as ZERO cost to you. So appreciate of the support I can put back into this space and content!