What's in our amazon cart. www.thisminimalhouse.com

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We have so many adventures in the works for this upcoming fall including, but not limited to, hiking, kayaking, and traveling. We are pro go outside and stay outside. Nature has so much to offer, and getting your kids exploring outdoors is something you'll probably never regret.

Today I wanted to share what's in our Amazon cart with you. These items are what we are purchasing for fall to accommodate our outdoor adventures. When purchasing items from Amazon, the first thing we take into account is whether or not the item is Prime. If you're not signed up for Amazon Prime you're missing out, it's hands down one of the few monthly "extras" we don't mind splurging on.

Let's start with what we have collected in our cart for our hiking adventures. We are trail seekers, and love exploring what our state has to offer. If you're not familiar with Georgia, be sure to check out Wander North Georgia for some breathtaking spots, and tips for all things outdoors. 


What's in our amazon cart. www.thisminimalhouse.com


We are loving this backpack and here's why. 

Not only is it a great price point with over 4k positive reviews, but it's lightweight and can easily be used by our older two children. They love carrying their own gear, and this one won't weigh them down on the longer, more treacherous hikes. Another huge selling point is the fact that it's compact. I mean it go from a backpack to a POUCH in seconds. That is huge when it comes to home storage.

Speaking of smaller items that make a huge impact, we found an amazing solution for our kayaking adventures. Check out what we found below.


OUR KAYAK ADVENTURES. www.thisminimalhouse.com
WHAT'S IN OUR AMAZON CART. www.thisminimalhouse.com

We have these kayaks for Scot and I, and our younger two sit on them with us. Our older two sons have these kayaks, which are the perfect size for them. Since we're already equipped with the kayaks and fishing equipment, we still need a solution for one thing, and that's fishing. It's a learning curve to kayak and fish at the same time, a majority of the time wind hinders them staying in place while fishing, without tangling their line. That's when I came across these kayak anchors that are the perfect solution. 

Why we're loving them-

  • 40ft anchor line
  • size of anchor (12inx3in)
  • ideal for sandy, weedy, or rocky bottoms

One thing we're focusing on more this year, family travels. We have our eye on some destinations out west and there are a few things we need before booking. Which brings us to what's in our Amazon traveling cart.


WHAT'S IN OUR AMAZON CART. www.thisminimalhouse.com

One thing I pride myself on is the fact that we're light travelers in regards to packing. There are six of us, which means 6x the amount of clothing, however we prefer to travel light which allows for more room in the mini van. Luggage can be so bulky, so when I came across this lightweight and compact luggage set, I knew it was the perfect solution. I'm going to have to let you read the amazing and lengthy description for yourself because it's going to be a staple piece in our upcoming travel adventures.

Do you have any traveling coming up? Have you been wanting to get your kids outside, but not sure how to start? We highly recommend all of the linked items above! If you don't want to tackle kayak fishing just yet, start with just the kayaks and rowing. We're so excited that we're adding a lifestyle section to This Minimal House. We wanted a way to incorporate other aspects of our life, outside of DIY + Design. Be on the lookout for our new channel. Coming soon!

Thank you, as always, for stopping by and reading our little space. We are so thankful for your readership and support. If you purchase anything from this post, please let me know in the comments so we can follow YOUR adventures!