Having a practical and organized closet is key to functionality. For me personally, the only thing my closet had to offer was a heavy metal pole stretching the width of the walls. There weren’t many storage options other than the floor, which isn’t ideal.

It doesn’t take much to turn a standard closet into a designer closet that has all the key features. Today I’m going to be sharing how you can completely transform and upgrade your current closet, while staying under $200!

First things first let’s start with the base system for your closet. I absolutely love the simplicity of this basic expandable closet organizer. It comes in under $100, giving you breathing room in your budget, and offers plenty of storage for a basic wardrobe.

Next up, storage. I love these simple fold able storage cubes for smaller items that don’t need to be hung up.

You have plenty of room in the $150 to add a few more aesthetically pleasing items to your designer closet. For instance these chic velvet hangers.

So far our total is at $119 and we’re pretty much finished. One item we own related to laundry is this handy helper that our kiddos can use to help out with their rooms!

There you have it guys! All the essential items you need to makeover and upgrade your basic closet to designer status. These products combined are the winning combination.