We have made so much progress in our guest bathroom since I last shared it. Let's take a trip down memory lane so that you can see where we started from, and where we're at today! Here are a few photos from our listing.

BATHROOM BEFORE PHOTO www.thisminimalhouse.com

Not too bad, right? It wasn't the worst bathroom we've ever seen, but it definitely didn't fit or reflect our personal style. We shared a few of our bathroom reno inspirations and ideas on this postOnce we picked out the tile, we shared a fun behind the scenes video, along with progress photos of us tiling the bathroom floors. You can read and see more of that behind the scenes post here. THEN we shared an update here of us waterproofing the shower, and tiling the remainder of the walls and WHY we decided to go that route here. 

This is the first time lapse video we made when we we're tiling the floors! It's so fun for us to look back on our progress and see just how far this space has come. That is hands down the most gratifying part of our DIY projects. 

Fast forward to today and we're sharing what we've been up to in the guest bathroom. The progress video we're sharing today is a time lapse of us prepping wood for our slatted ceiling. If you've never seen a slatted ceiling, you're hands down missing out. I've been obsessed with these for years, and I'm so stoked we we're able to bring this vision to life! In fact we debated between black ceilings and slatted ceilings prior to making this decision, check that post out here! 

We sanded and stained SEVENTY-FIVE pieces of wood for this project. It was a tedious process, but SO worth it! I didn't prepare, so I didn't have gloves, however good ole' coconut oil will take it right off.

We switched up our stain choice this time around. We worked with this stain. We love how it dried on the wood slats, and the after results. Here is another time lapse of the beginning stage of this bathroom update. We attached the wood slats directly to the studs in the ceiling. There were several items in the running to determine the wood spacing, but ultimately we ended up using our square. Sometimes you just have to use what you have!

We measured and cut the wood slats to fit the ceiling layout. There were only two pieces that had to be notched out around the tub tiles. The wood itself had a few imperfections, but we absolutely embrace imperfections around here! Plus I loved the look of stained knotted wood! 

If you've made it this far, CONGRATS, you get to see what our guest bathroom currently looks like, and you're in for treat. 

OUR GUEST BATHROOM UPDATE. www.thisminimalhouse.com

Can we just take a moment of silence for how drastically different the bathroom looks? I mean those wood slats are giving me life. The spot you see on the ceiling to the left of the wood slats is where we removed our bathroom fan. After further inspection, we realized the fan the previous owners family had installed didn't even work. Here are a few more progress photos.

GUEST BATHROOM UPDATE www.thisminimalhouse.com
BATHROOM RENOVATION UPDATE www.thisminimalhouse.com

At first we were worried about the wood slats making the bathroom ceilings appear shorter, along with taking away light, however they did quite the opposite. The wood slats definitely make the bathroom appear taller (we have standard 8 ft ceilings), and once we switch out the lighting and redistribute with proper light fixtures, we will be good to go. 

Here's a great view of the slatted wood ceilings from below. I am OBSESSED with these lines.

SLATTED BATHROOM CEILING www.thisminimalhouse.com
SLATTED BATHROOM CEILING www.thisminimalhouse.com

In case you're wondering (or not wondering), we decided to place the boards in this direction so that we were able to attach the wood boards directly to the studs. We do plan on making a few minor changes to this space. Here's what our list looks like.


  • Swapping out the vanity light fixture for an upward facing light.

  • Inserting art into the frames as opposed to the photographs.

  • Adding additional lighting, including over the shower and pendents.

  • Installing new towel rack to the right of the vanity as opposed to the door hanger.

  • Figuring out the best toilet paper solution.

Thank you SO much for stopping by and checking out our guest bathroom update! We are so excited to share the final reveal with you guys. We hope to have that up this weekend! Also subscribe to our channel so you get notified when we post our next project!