Look at that sad, distraught fireplace. If I’m being honest, it was part of what sold me when we we’re looking for homes. We had never had an actual fireplace before, and this gigantic original brick fireplace was all.the.goals. However, as much as I still love the idea of it, I struggle with this corner of our home. It just simply does not fit our aesthetic. It would be perfect in a home that embraced all the farmhouse staple pieces, like this painted brick fireplace, however it’s time we move forward and continue to make our space a space we love.

Today I wanted to break down the grand plans for this fireplace, but first let’s take a stroll down fireplace memory lane.

This is the original brick fireplace as is. This is what I saw when I was shown the house on day 1. The entire exterior of our home is the same color as these bricks, including the entire interior of our garage. While it’s a sore subject for some, I wasn’t sad to see the colors go. So naturally we did what everyone was doing four years ago…we painted it. It’s been white, dark charcoal, light gray…this bad boy is sporting roughly 5 coats of paint.

Here’s the fireplace after we painted it white.

If you can’t tell by the photo, our home definitely went through the never ending ship lap craze. Faux ship lap everywhere, and I’m not sad to be parting ways with this trend.

Here’s another photo from our refresh project list post.

As you can see, it eventually progressed into an aesthetically pleasing fireplace, however I just still wasn’t loving it. That brings us to this fireplace post today. I am going to share our project bullet list with you first, then I’m going to share photos that are stirring up all kinds of visual inspiration for this fireplace makeover.


  • Removing the DIY mantel- CHECK

  • Remove brick hearth

  • Tile existing brick

  • Build/install lower modern hearth

  • Install fireplace insert

That list is pretty straight forward, and this project will be considerably easy considering the circumstances.

Want to see what’s inspiring us? Head over to our Pinterest and check out of fireplace board.