Our latest bathroom remodel has sent us into full throttle project mode. We have the itch to start our ‘master bathroom’, and today we wanted to share what’s inspiring us with this upcoming project! I say ‘master bathroom’ because our bathroom is actually significantly smaller than our children’s bathroom. Our favorite aesthetic is more on the modern side when it comes to design. In fact we created a Pinterest board specifically for this project. You guys can check that out here. This post is going to be broken down into all the materials we need for this bathroom remodel. We’ll be touching base on the following: floor/wall tile, sink, faucet, shower door, and paint colors.

There are a few things we’re going to slightly alter for this bathroom remodel. One we want to veer towards a more dramatic and darker tile. We are loving the look of black hexagons. Similar to this one we found. The plan would also be to use a darker grout, as opposed to this one we used in the guest bathroom. We’re leaning towards a unique tile job, so we can’t wait to rack our brains and share our rough sketches with you during this bathroom remodel process.

Since we love all things modern, we we’re looking for a bathroom sink that would specifically fit a small bathroom as a space saver. We love the rectangle look of this sink from The Bath Outlet. If you haven’t heard of The Bath Outlet we highly recommend checking them out here. They’re also having a summer sale where everything is 50% off! A few other things we we’re obsessed with on their website was this faucet, and this shower head. One thing we love about the Scarabeo sink, besides it’s overall aesthetic, is that it’s a no hole, which will allow for a wall mounted faucet.

When we moved in our shower had a sliding door similar to this one. While it was a great space saver, we found it to be extremely difficult to properly clean the track. We we’rent impressed with how dirty it always felt, regardless of all the tactics we tried cleaning wise. A frame less fixed shower door would be perfect in our small bathroom. Not only with the curbless shower entry, but also for the modern look we’re going for.

Since our sink will be no hole, it will require a wall mounted sink faucet. We are obsessed with the waterfall faucets. They’re sleek, modern, and you can never go wrong with matte black. We love the small details on this one. This faucet sink will be the perfect combo in our small bathroom renovation. They will set the tone for the remainder of the design.

Since we are leaning towards a darker tile, and working with a small space, we plan on keeping the paint colors on the lighter side. I’m not going to say we’re committing to white, although it is a huge contender, however I do think it would be fun to incorporate a soft muted pastel into our small bathroom renovation. A touch of color would be wonderful with the matte black!

The plan is to begin our master bathroom remodel this week. We plan on documenting this in video and blog post form! Would you guys be interested in seeing behind the scenes video footage? It would be documentation of removing our current vanity, as well as our shower insert. Let us know in the comments below! As always thank you for stopping by and reading This Minimal House. Your readership means so much to us.

Looking forward to popping in this week with updates! Be sure to follow us on Instagram where we share shorter behind the scenes clips on our Instagram stories!