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We live on a budget. Let me repeat, we LIVE on a BUDGET. If you're a long time reader here, or a new reader, I don't want you to be deceived by the projects we post on here and assume our house is perfect. Nothing happens overnight, and projects take weeks, even months sometimes, to save up for completion. Cost of materials, finding the time, and raising four children and two dogs play a role in every decision we make. Life is a balancing act, and we want to make sure this space reflects that.

The photo above is one of my favorites, because it's one of the most put together corners in our entire house. Seriously. However it took me an hour to turn this empty corner into one of my favorites. The best part about it, though? It cost me a whopping $19! So while most of our projects carry a heftier price tag, it IS possible to transform your home ON A BUDGET. 

Today I wanted to share a few home improvement projects with you that we have done to our own home on a budget. These inexpensive projects have changed the game in our spaces, and I hope they'll do the same for you.

First up lighting.

LIGHTING www.thisminimalhouse.com

Lighting hands down has been a project that updated our house instantly. Our favorite lighting is recessed for many reasons. For one, our home is older. It was built in 1963, and our ceiling heights aren't nearly as high as the traditional newer built homes. Recessed lighting with lower ceilings will give you the illusion that the ceilings are higher than they are, compared to having pendant lighting. 

If you live in a newer home, or even an older home, updating a dated light fixture with even one recessed can light will be magical. You can pick up this four pack for under $20! You can also DIY this minimal wall light, if you don't want to tackle your ceilings. 

Next inexpensive project you can tackle for under $20, my favorite mentioned above, a DIY Photo ledge wall.

DIY $19 PHOTO LEDGE WALL www.thisminimalhouse.com

It came in just under the budget at $19! Like I mentioned previously, I don't want this space to be deceptive, so while the project materials only cost $19, I had all these frames on hand! Some were in storage waiting for the perfect space, some were in other rooms that just didn't work how I wanted them to. If you have a few frames laying around USE THEM. However I will say that I picked up 7 frames for these ledges at my local Goodwill totaling under $4 and I sprayed them black! **If you don't have frames in storage, or a local thrift store then hit up the dollar store! Sounds crazy, but two of those frames above are from the Dollar Store, and I bet you can't pick them out ;). 

The next budget friendly item on the list that should be the most obvious, PAINT!

HOW TO PAINT A BRICK FIREPLACE www.thisminimalhouse.com

Paint is a game changer, and is friendly on your wallet (specifically for smaller square footage). You can pick up a can of Behr paint for just over $20 at The Home Depot, but if you want to stick to that $20 price range, I highly encourage you to check out the OOPS paint section.

If you're not familiar with the oops paint, its typically located on a cart in the paint section next to the mixing station. This section is a hit or miss, but you'll be able to pick up a gallon for under $10. HOWEVER, make sure you hold onto the paint can, and even snap a photo of the mixing combination on the top of the lid. This will be helpful later down the road for touch ups, and since it was an "oops" paint, you won't find it on a paint card. Above is when we decided to paint our brick fireplace white, and it was a drastic change. Speaking of paint, you can read more about my thoughts on minimalism and paint colors here.

Finally, saved the best for last. A home improvement project you can do FREE of charge is de-cluttering your space.

MINIMAL HOME www.thisminimalhouse.com

My journey to minimalism changed my life and I'm so passionate about spreading my obsession behind minimalism. You can read about how you can obtain a minimal design in your home and mind hereas well as how being a minimalist helped pay off our debt. Not only is it FREE to de-clutter your house, but if you turn that de-cluttering into a garage sale or Facebook marketplace post YOU will get money to either do any of these projects listed above, or in a jar for that big project you've been wanting to tackle.

I hope these tips behind what it takes to tackle or project, or things that have helped us personally, have motivated you to get the ball rolling on a project in your own home. Just remember, you don't have to have thousands to tackle a game changing transformation. It's amazing what you can do with $20! I want to see what YOU did to your home for $20 or less! Follow me on Instagram here and let me know!

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