If you're feeling overwhelmed with debt, regardless of where that debt sits, you're not alone. Debt is debilitating not only mentally, but physically as well. It can feel like you're carrying a weight on your shoulders day in and day out. The great news is that there are simple steps you can start making today to become one step closer to living a debt free life.

If you've ever experienced a sleepless night over debt, pondering different scenarios on bringing in the much needed cash, then this is the perfect post for you. Today I'm going to touch base on steps we took that helped us essentially pay off debt, and it's so simple and practical that anyone can do it, even you! 

Sit back, relax, and rejoice in knowing that minimalism can help you pay off your debt as well! Everyone should experience the freedom that minimalism offers.

First up...

DONATE IT_edited-1.jpg

The first step on how minimalism can help you pay off debt is staring you right in the face. Your own home, and the belongings in it, can single handedly contribute to paying off a credit card, or anything else for that matter, even your car. Simply walk around your home and observe the items you have on display, in the back of drawers, hiding in the hallway closet. If you don't need it stick with these three solutions; donate it, recycle it, and most importantly SELL IT. SELL EVERYTHING. If you're items are in excellent condition and have value, put a price on that item and watch the debt crumble. There are so many selling options at your fingertips these days. 

A few great selling options include ebay, garage sales, letgo, facebook marketplace, and craigslist. 

Second tip on how minimalism can pay off your debt...

stop falling for trend_edited-1.jpg

Straight to the point. Stop falling for trends. Put down the magazines, put down the phone. STOP SHOPPING. You don't need the newest and greatest. If you can give me ten reasons on how a vase from Target is beneficial to your life, then keep that damn vase. However, if that trending vase isn't going to pay your water bill, I see no value. A great way to attack this tip is to calculate how much you spent the previous month. Go back through your bank and credit card statements and create an excel sheet breakdown of your spending. Set a goal for the following month to pocket all of that unnecessary spending and safely secure it in your 'pay off debt' jar. A personal hindrance of mine was spending $80 in one month on teas from Chickfila. Talk about eye opener. The solution? I purchased a $15 tea maker, now make my tea at home, and haven't spent a dime on Chickfila tea in MONTHS. Goal accomplished.

This next tip on how minimalism helped us pay off debt is one of the most freeing options in my personal opinion.

let go of everyday luxuries_edited-1.jpg

Step out of the norm and let go of everyday luxuries. In case you're wondering what luxuries I'm referring to here are a few big ones. TV. Say goodbye to your tv cable. If that seems overwhelming to you, think about your savings account the next time you're sitting down watching a reality tv show wondering when things will get paid off. The cable company isn't contributing to that goal. There are obviously alternatives to canceling cable such as netflix and hulu subscriptions. However, I urge you to push forward without signing up for the alternative options for as long as you can. The pay off will absolutely be worth it. 

Another big luxury to give up when you're trying to cut down debt fast is everything self care related. Yes self care is important and imperative, but if you're spending hundreds getting your hair done every 8 weeks, or getting another mani pedi, or shopping department store racks, you might as well pay that goal goodbye.

Last but certainly not least...


This might be the most drastic tip of all when it comes to minimalism helping you pay off debt, but if you can make it happen, do it. MOVE. Downsize your home. Treat the square footage of your home like you did the items you rummaged through to get rid of and sell. Is the space you're currently living in necessary? If you can minimize the house you reside in, you can not only have a clearer mind space wise, but you can also minimize your mortgage payment. Take the extra cash you'll be saving and stash it away with your tv cable savings. 

I hope this post on how minimalism helped us pay off debt is helpful and insightful. Paying off debt is overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Take a deep breath and just simplify your life. Break your life down to necessities. Don't live a life of 'keeping up with the Jones'. Live a life free from weight caused by debt. Feel free to Pin all photos from this post to save it for a rainy day! Thanks again, like always, for stopping by and reading!