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Multi level decks can offer your backyard space so much potential across the board. Today I am sharing my top 5 favorite multi level decks for your backyard. So let's get into the pros and cons of what a multi level deck can offer you.

  • The overall aesthetic is visually appealing. The options are endless when it comes to the materials you can use on your multi level deck. You can utilize different wood types, concretes, and stone. I love how the deck boards are both vertical and horizontal in the example above. It gives the deck more character.

  • The multi level deck can be as large or small as you'd like. The biggest pro to this though is the fact that there are multiple levels. You can have each level accommodate a particular purpose. Here's the second example below. Note the two separate seating areas; one by the fireplace, another a dining table. You have the luxury of completely custom spaces.


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This brings me to my next pro when it comes to multi level decks. 

  • Organization. When you essentially break down the components of your deck and being able to have multiple seating areas, a fire pit, or even a sandbox for young children, you're able to get more for your money. Multi level decks are also a great option if you don't necessarily have a large area for entertainment. Pack it all into one deck. Something you're not able to do with a standard built deck.

  • My last pro before getting into the cons would be how well they can accommodate homes that would otherwise have a deck that sits pretty far off the ground. A great visual would be the photo below. As you can see the door of the house sits pretty high off the ground. Instead of having a deck that sits higher, which would pose an issue say if you have younger children, you have the ability to connect the deck with stairs and end the multi level deck entry level with the ground.


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Now that we've discussed the pros of multi level decks, I wanted to quickly touch base on a few cons that might deter you from a multi level deck, or cause you to save a little more before moving forward.

  • Cost of a multi level deck would definitely take a little more financial planning prior to building. In comparison to a standard deck, multi levels would require not only more wood, but more stain, concrete, railings (if you choose railings), and nails/screws as well. They will require a more in depth look at safety, which also contributes to the additional materials.

  • Depending on the design you create for your multi level deck, your current home might make the vision a little more difficult to execute. This would ring true if you're trying to build a deck off an exterior door that is higher off the ground like we touched base on above. Planning could potentially be a tad more tedious.

  • Last but not least the size of your multi level deck. While standard decks are more compact and less intrusive, multi level decks give you options, however if you're already not working with a lot of space a multi level deck might take up a majority of your available yard.


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We are currently in the middle of planning our back deck, and are entertaining a multi level deck. Being in a ranch, we will face all of the cons listed above, but since we plan on residing here for several, several years to come, it would definitely be the more practical choice for us personally. I hope this post helped give you some insight on multi level decks and all that they have to offer. I plan on sharing our deck drawings here as soon as they're finalized! 

Thank you for stopping by and reading today!