When we ultimately decided to do a room switch in our open floor plan home, we knew the tv over the mantle in the new dining room was out of place. It's new home in the now family room, hangs between our front windows. There wasn't any wiring available for the TV, so we had to rewire to make it happen. We tied into the old box through the attic. Here are a few photos of our process. *We have been doing electrical work for several years now, we do not recommend you rewire anything in your home if you don't feel comfortable. Always hire out electrical work if you're not 100% confident!

First we found the studs on the wall using our stud finder and attached the existing tv mount to the wall.

tv rewire 1.jpg

Next we took measurements of our work box above the tv. We don't have cable so the only requirement for our TV is the power cord. This is also a great install option and placement if you're like me and cannot handle seeing a plethora of tv wires hanging down. 

tv rewire 2.jpg

After you have your work box measurements drawn on your wall you can remove with a drill bit and a drywall knife. 

tv rewire 4.jpg
tv rewire 6.jpg

Next we inserted our work box and headed to the attic to split the wiring so this box would have power.

tv rewire 5.jpg
tv rewire 7.jpg
tv rewire 8.jpg
tv rewire 9.jpg

And now just a few photos of my hot husband doing his thing, because he is #husbandbloggergoals.

tv rewire 10.jpg
tv rewire 11.jpg

Here's how our TV looks in it's new spot before we put the tv on the mount and after.

tv rewire 12.jpg
tv rewire 13.jpg

Here's one more shot, because it highlights our latest project, our diy photo ledge. You can see that by heading to THIS POST.

tv rewire 14.jpg

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