I've said it in several posts, and I'll say it again. Photos are my absolute favorite decor to have in our home. Photographs are decor with a purpose and hold so much sentimental value. They're not mass produced, you can't buy them at a big box store, and they surround you and your family with memories you've celebrated together over the years. 

I touched base on our entryway in this post about wanting a practical entryway. There are so many expectations for entryways including tables, lamps, random store finds. I wanted to incorporate items that meant something to me, so photo ledges seemed like the perfect solution and direction to take the entryway in. 

Photo ledges are such a great statement piece for your home. There are so many reasons why you should think about adding a photo ledge to one of your spaces.

  • They are bold yet simple. You have the freedom to mix and match frame colors and textures to give you a specific look.

  • They are non intrusive to your walls. Besides attaching the shelves to studs, you don't have to put a thousand holes in your walls for frames. Simply recline the frames to lean against the wall and you're good to go.

  • If you're like me and like to rearrange things quite frequently in your home a photo ledge is the perfect afternoon project for you. You can switch out the photographs as often as you'd like, or leave for years to come! All the YES to this.

  • Running out of magnet space on your fridge from your children's artwork? A photo ledge would be the perfect spot for some framed art. We're currently working on some for ours.

Here is how our diy photo ledge currently looks.


I wanted to mix whites black and wood tones for this space. I'm still considering sanding down and staining the current wood tone frames you see above. The wood tone frames are thrift finds so they're currently still up in the air. 

Being a photographer it's so important for me to get my photos off of my computer and onto my walls in a physical print. A few years ago my harddrive crashed and I lost almost all birth photos among other ones, and I now go a little overboard in the backing up department. ALSO, I need your help. My inspiration for this project began with white ledges. The wall will remain white for natural light purposes, but should the ledges stay how they are, or should I paint them white? Drop a line in the comments.

This diy photo ledge project only cost $19 for lumber. You cannot beat that. I had all the other frames on hand from us switching the dining and family room in our house. I secured these ledges to studs, so they're extremely sturdy and won't budge. Safety first.