Now that our fireplace transformation is in it’s final stages of being complete, I’ve been diving into the dining room design. When it comes to tables, there are endless possibilities. Today, however, I’m going to be sharing a few of my favorite round dining room tables.

Living in a long rectangle ranch, we have a lot of long lines. Although I love the idea of a longer rectangle table because of guest accommodation, I think it would be a nice change to break up the lines with a round table. Here’s a look at my top round table favorites.

I love the size of this round table. I’m also obsessed with the finish of the table, but would be concerned about how it would handle our orange poly floors. A rug underneath would break up the two stains, and this finish would look absolutely breathtaking next to our modern fireplace.

**Couldn’t find the source of this photo on  Pinterest

**Couldn’t find the source of this photo on Pinterest

The base of this round dining room table is giving me all the feels. It works perfectly with these chairs, allowing them to be pushed in and not looking cluttered. I would be concerned about how close a taller individual could get to the table, though.

Now THIS round table is what I’m talking about. I am obsessed with how wide this base is, along with allowing plenty of leg room underneath the table. This kind of round table could hands down easily seat all six of us without feeling crowded.

This oval dining room table top is so incredibly beautiful, seats six, and I am loving how big and spacious the chairs feel matched with it. This would be a great way to pull in our kitchen counters, as well as sit nicely next to modern fireplace.

What would you do? Would you throw a round/oval table in a long rectangular room to break up the lines, or would you stick to a longer rectangular table? Would love for you to chime in! What do you have in your own home? Drop a comment below!

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