Happy Thursday, friends! We’re almost to Friday and I am feeling so accomplished this week. I think we finally came up with a solid fireplace plan (slightly altered from our original plan), and I can’t wait to share that, but I’m going to wait until the fireplace maintenance comes out to give us the thumbs up. I mentioned on our Instagram that we recently received a quote for a wood burning fireplace insert and it was over $7k. We can’t really justify putting that much money into our fireplace, so we’re confident plan B will suffice.

Aside from that, we’re going to do all the Christmas things this weekend to bring some cheer indoors. I’ve come across so many amazing accounts on Instagram lately and I am loving this community. I also shared with a new friend that we have big goals for 2019 in regards to our website and social media. We want to focus on conversations and interactions vs follower count. Building solid friendships is so fulfilling in this niche, and I’m looking forward to all the new faces we’ll encounter!

However I digress. Let’s get into the exciting news about our dining room progression. I can’t believe I’m even about to say this, BUT, I’m painting a room in our house A COLOR. It has pigment, and isn’t what Scot refers to as ‘insane asylum’. Ha! And guys, can I just be honest for a second, I was totally preparing myself to hate it, but I LOVE IT.

I feel like such an idiot for waiting this long, but I had an epiphany for our exact dining room look, and I’m DETERMINED to make it come to life before Christmas so we can get the full effect.

Today I wanted to share a hack we were able to pull off by recycling what we already had. Here’s a photo of the door that led to our back porch. I rarely post photos of it because it’s so farmhouse it kills me.

Exhibit A:


This is after I installed the new ‘modern’ mdf trim and didn’t tape so some of it ended up on the door. I have been staring at this door for weeks. Doing non stop research on how I could literally dissect the door to get rid of the ‘x’ and install a solid piece in the center. I’m so glad I didn’t execute that plan because when Scot got home last night the light bulb went off. I told him my dilemma, and naturally he comes up with an instant fix. I LOVE our laundry room door. (All the doors you see in our house currently are the original doors for the exception of our front door). They’re solid wood doors and they’re reliable. Can’t find them this nice nowadays.

So basically we just switched the farmhouse ‘x’ door with the modern door in our laundry room (so that we wouldn’t see the ‘x’ one for now, until we replace it). It was 25 degrees last night, so we got a nice little breeze while taking these heavy bad boys down, but I’m SO freaking stoked for the outcome.

Here’s another photos of the ‘x’ door.


Do you see what I see? It was starchy, unwelcoming, cool, and as far away from that ‘home’ feeling you get when you go to your moms house. We searched and searched for warm dining room tones and had an idea in mind. Scot ran into Home Depot last night and grabbed three samples and 10 color swatches. We painted all three on the wall next to the cabinets, fireplace, and kitchen to assess the situation.

Guys. We found it. We found the COLOR for this space and it’s perfect. Want to see it?


Just for reference here’s a side by side.


(Photo on the left is SOOC with all of our lights on last night around 11:30 pm, the photo on the right is this morning with no lights on!)

Is that not an INSANE difference? This side by side just goes to show that paint colors CAN completely change the feel of a room. Keep in mind the door and walls just have one light coat of paint on here because it was a sample can. The top of the wall isn’t painted because I need to sand where I added mud where our traditional crown molding used to rest.

Warm dining room tones

I still plan on replacing our smaller antlers with a more modern alternative, along with filling up our DIY wood rack. My jaw is still on the ground how much BETTER the walls look painted, especially next to the kitchen back splash. The hardest part about an open floor plan is the flow. Our kitchen cabinets are a slight off white, so we have to accommodate for the lighting. Here’s a shot next to the back splash.

Warm dining room tones

I’m excited to pick up a full gallon today and some sand paper to put the final touches on these walls.

The only things left we need to finish this room are the following:

  • Sand the hardwood floors down to the original + clear coat them.

  • Replace our dining room table + chairs.

  • Paint inside of fireplace and touch up a few of the concrete patches on the fireplace surface.

  • Art + photographs on the walls.

  • Install new dining room table light


You can see the orange tones of our current floors, and they’re just not working. We contemplated tackling this DIY ourselves, but after doing some research, we think this might be a great project to outsource in regards to the quick drying poly they would be able to use that wouldn’t cause us to be out of our home for 48 hours.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! If you’re struggling with paint colors in a spot in your home, I hope this post inspired you to step outside of your comfort zone to pick up some new color swatches. My tip for paint colors is to grab as many samples as you can and judge them after they’re on your walls.

When we got home last night and held up the color swatches they not only looked different than they did at Home Depot, but they also looked different holding them vertical to the wall, and horizontal to the wall depending on lighting. It wasn’t until we actually got the colors painted on the wall when we knew which color would work best for this space.

If you could, we would love for you to pin the image below to share our warm tone dining room progress! We’re looking forward to sharing each stage in the next coming days/weeks!