Life with four children, and two dogs no less, can be messy and dirty. Keeping your home clean with the everyday chaos of life can seem impossible and daunting. I used to absolutely dread doing the dishes because they would pile up, then they would sit there neglected, and by the time they got done it took two separate loads on top of hand washing. That is a great way to set yourself up for failure, and that's exactly what I was doing. I wasn't implementing the hacks I'm going to share with you on this post today, and spoiler alert cleaning my kitchen is hands down my FAVORITE thing to do now. 


In order to make these fool proof cleaning hacks work, you're going to have to be completely dedicated on a daily basis to ensure that you don't get behind in your cleaning game. Some would argue that these hacks are a form of OCD, I am claiming they're a quicker way to sanity. Any mom would agree that having a clean home creates an environment that is not only less stressful for your own mind, but your children's minds as well. Want to know how I keep my house immaculate with four children and two dogs? Here are my fool proof cleaning hacks.


One thing that has altered our lives is our morning routine. I do the same exact routine every single morning before we leave for school, as well as during the summer months. This has been LIFE CHANGING to say the least. Before 8 a.m my entire house is in order and ready to go. Doing this allows me to set the precedence for the rest of the day. Want to know what's included in my morning routine? Stay with me to find out.

First thing in the morning I make my children breakfast. That allows for my morning routine to be calm, productive and quiet (HA, who am I kidding, life with children is anything but quiet). Once they're good to go and taken care of I empty the clean dishwasher from the previous night. Then I load it with the few items that didn't fit from the night before, along with the breakfast dishes we use. That takes care of the dishwasher/dishes aspect. Done and done.


Next I wipe down all the counters. Wiping them down usually means discarding all accumulated crumbs from the day before, which then lands on the floor. That brings me to my next step in the cleaning hack routine. I do a quick sweep of the floor, including around the table where breakfast made it both in the mouths, and on the floor. Those simple steps above took care of my entire kitchen cleaning regiment. It literally takes me 5 minutes top every single morning. *To be completely transparent, I do have to mention that since rescuing our puppy, I collectively sweep about 5x throughout the day to manage hair.

When the kitchen can officially be checked off the list, I move onto the laundry. I won't get into the mathematical specifics of how many articles of clothing I wash for a family of six, but I will tell you it's alot. I will also say that I am NEVER behind on laundry after implementing these cleaning hacks. It is one of the simplest hacks. Seriously. Want to know the simplicity of it all?


As soon as my load in the washer is done it immediately gets moved to the dryer. As soon as the dryer goes off, that load immediately gets put away regardless of what's going on. Every.single.time. My washer and dryer never have a load in them unless they're running and washing the current load. I put our younger children's clothes away, and our older two put their clothes away.   *This is coming from a mom who  used to leave the load in the washer religiously for days on end, only to have to wash that load that now smells like rotten food, two more times. It takes me roughly 6 minutes to put away the laundry in the morning.


Next up, because my children have a few knick knacks in our family room credenza, are toys/games/randoms.

A majority of our toys (99%) are outdoor items. However we do have more than a handful of family games, legos, and a few other random items in our family room. For now this space has been deemed the "play area", but once our basement is finished, we plan to move these items down there. After the laundry is put away in the mornings, we all collectively 'throw' what's left on the floor in the cabinets. This could easily be done at night as a bedtime routine, too! Sometimes I will tackle that instead of in the morning, but regardless it's not much and takes two minutes tops.

I hope this post encourages you to slightly alter your morning routine so that you can make every minute of your day count! These fool proof cleaning hacks will hands down allow more play time with your children, and less stress throughout the day about never ending to-do lists! Why worry about the state of your house when you can manage it on a daily basis in under 20  minutes?


I also want to touch base on the fact that our house is a 50/50 household because that's important to note. Scot does the same amount of dishes, laundry, and sweeping as I do. So while my face is all over this post, sharing household duties has not only been proven to increase positive influence and allow for overall healthier relationships/marriage, but it takes away the stigma of the "roles" we're expected to play as husband and wife. We both work hard together to make sure this household stays both sane and clean! Team work makes the dream work!

Let me know if you implement these fool proof cleaning hacks! I would love to hear your insight! Thank you, like always, for stopping by and reading This Minimal House! We're so appreciative of our readership and the support.