Happy Friday, friends! I hope you all had a fantastic and productive week. Does anyone else get to the end of the week and have sore arms? Maybe it’s because several of my projects I have going on right now require my arms above my head. It could also be the fact that I need to work out more. It’s most definitely the latter. Regardless DIY is not for the weak, so I’ll just be over here removing crown molding and building muscle.

Today I wanted to share something so fun that we added to the dining room space, and that’s our DIY modern firewood wall storage rack. It was inspired by all my pins on our modern fireplaces board. If you haven’t seen the pins on there, you gotta check it out HERE. I’m obsessed with clean lines and organic feel. This DIY modern firewood wall storage rack was right up my alley.

We didn’t intentionally plan to have this DIY up so fast, but it happened by chance when we were finishing up our fireplace project. I showed Scot my pins on our board and we happened to have some scrap wood leftover in the garage from a few closet shelves we built the boys. We measured the space and literally just made some cuts and screwed onto the wall. My favorite part about this project, is you can literally make it whatever you want.

Here are a few photos in all it’s glory. I planned on doing an in depth tutorial, but like I said, we made cuts and measurements that fit this little spot on our wall, so yours will vary! We used these pieces from Home Depot.


It didn’t originally have the boards going across the front, but I wanted some added support for wood weight. I’m still 50/50 on it so I’m going to let Scot check it out when he gets home. What do you think? I also love that we left it unstained or painted. The plan is to sand down our floors, so this will go with the cleaner/lighter look.


I edited out the duct tape light switch here because I plan on upgrading them to higher quality, less builders grade light switches. I am loving this outlet cover from Legrand.

Quick dining room recap while I’m here. I removed the last piece of crown molding on the right side of the room above the load bearing wall we removed. Next I just have to sand down a little mud I put over a few spots and then paint over it. There are a few areas on the ceiling that need patched, but I need to make a run to the store for a few more things.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading today! I hope this DIY modern firewood storage inspired you to pick up those dusty pieces of scrap wood and create something beautiful!

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