When it comes to our house one major component that it lacks is storage space. Unlike newer construction or custom builds, we don't have the luxury that comes with hall, bathroom, and laundry room storage. We have decent sized bedroom closets, but it would be impossible to cram all of our belongings into them. You might recall when we added these storage systems to our laundry room. We also added our own custom framing to make them look more like they're built into the room. 

These storage units are my absolute favorite staple piece for our house. They are practical, come in different sizes to better accommodate your space, and most importantly bring some organization to your home. A couple months after installing them we quickly realized that only purchasing four shelving units was a huge mistake. See real life photo proof below.

As you can see from the photo, that middle shelf is practically screaming at us to remove all the crap that's sitting on top of it. It started to bow, and obviously wasn't enough space to help us in the organization department. Same goes for the second storage unit; see real life photo proof below.

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In the grand scheme of things, we don't really have that much to store, and almost 90% of the stuff in our storage units were thrown away/donated. However why have the storage units to begin with if we weren't going to utilize the space properly? Enter shelving units. We went ahead and purchased 10 additional units as well as another mesh shoe storage pull out drawer.

These 10 additional shelving units will be life changing in what we can store in our wardrobes. This is where we will be storing additional bathroom towels, sheets and blankets, extra pillows, and any other household necessity. Here are the storage units after we added the new shelving.

image1 (3).jpeg

Next on the list for our laundry room storage includes a couple sets of new towels for the bathrooms and a handful of pillows. The right storage unit is a little excessive with shelving units, so when the basement is finished we will most likely transfer a few shelves down there!

What did you think about this post? Did it inspire you to organize something in your own home? I hope so! What's your favorite spot in your home to organize? Leave some feedback in the comment section!