Modern Minimal Dining Room

Our dining room is starting to come together, and I am obsessed with it. There are a few things that still make me cringe, aka our orange floors, but those will be leaving us in the next couple of months so I’m celebrating.

When it comes to our table we opted for benches as opposed to chairs. So far it’s worked out so well during meal time. The storage cabinet behind our dining room table is the perfect solution for family games. Our fireplace was for sure one of the most frustrating do it yourself projects we’ve tackled to date, but so far it matches our aesthetic. We will most likely smooth it out when we tackle the floors.

I am trying to convince Scot to hang two minimal pendants above the table, I’ll keep you posted on that situation. The rug really ties it all together. So many mixed emotions when it comes to rugs in your home, particularly underneath your dining room table.

Here’s a before and after of our dining room for reference of it’s progression.

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