How to build floating shelves for your kitchen

We all have that one spot in our home that is just awkward. You go through different design scenarios in your head, and you ponder for weeks. That was exactly what happened with the awkward corner of our kitchen. It went from blue stained wood paneling, to drywall, to white weird subway tiles, to our now do it yourself modern open shelving!

At one point I put out a call to action for all of our Instagram followers and got the most amazing feedback on this corner. A majority of the responses for this space was a coffee bar. I loved the idea of a coffee bar, however Scot and I don’t drink coffee, therefore I couldn’t see that idea working for us! The more I pondered the more I came to the conclusion, that I wanted a space for all the items I want to keep on our counters, but have a problem committing to making that actually happen. (I LOVE a clean counter space more than anything!) You can read more about our fool proof cleaning hacks that go hand in hand with that here.

Moving right along, we ultimately decided on open shelving. Now open shelving has never really been on our radar. We personally prefer to not see ‘clutter’. Granted, this would be ‘pretty clutter’. Ha! However, nothing else was going to work in this corner, so open shelving it was. I am SO incredibly glad we jumped and went through with them, because they fit this kitchen corner so well. I love the modern touch they bring to the space, and they really complete it!

Want to know how we tackled this space/see progression photos? If you want to create these shelves for your own home all you’ll need are the following items:

  • 2x4’s

  • bolts/screws (for securing into studs)

  • mdf (we used 1/2 in)

  • paint brush

  • paint

  • caulk

Easy Peasy! Here are the progression photos below!

You can head to our Instagram to check out the after! While you’re there, if you’re not already, give us a follow! We’d love for you to follow along on our DIY journey!!