Our do it yourself photo ledge wall is one of our most visited posts on This Minimal House. Not only is it a great solution for an awkward wall in your home, for us it was this extremely shallow wall in our entryway, but it’s also extremely affordable. Coming in around $19 (without frames/prints), this is a wonderful way to ‘decorate’ your home.

*We had a few items already on hand for this diy project, if you do not have a large random pile in your garage, this cost estimate might be a little off.


  • 1x4 for bottom support of photo ledge (this allowed for the frames to “recline” back onto the wall and not falling forward)

  • 1x2 for back support of photo ledge

  • Screws to attach the 1x2 to the studs in the walls

  • Nails for nail gun

  • Caulk for seams

  • MDF for front and side finishing pieces (this allowed for a smoother painted surface, you could forego this step and use wood/stained wood/live edge on the front piece)

  • Paint (if you choose to paint your photo ledge. I painted ours the same color as the wall giving the photo ledge a monochrome feel)

  • Wood glue

  • Stud finder


  • Measure the wall you plan on hanging your photo ledge on. Make appropriate cuts with your wood.

  • Once your wood is cut, glue the 1x2 and 1x4 together prior to nailing these two pieces together, making an L on the wall.

  • When those two boards are secured together, use your stud finder to screw and secure the photo ledge onto the wall. This is a crucial step as you don’t want the weight of the frames to allow for falling, hazardous shelves!

  • Once you have those two pieces on the wall, measure your MDF, or whatever ‘finishing’ piece you are choosing to use, and cut.

  • Attach the finishing piece using finishing nails with your nail gun.

  • Caulk

  • Paint

Overall this project took roughly 35 minutes from start to finish. Here is the 1x4 from underneath the photo ledge. I could technically go back through and paint them, but you can’t see them from a standing position.

I hope this short tutorial was helpful and encourages you guys to build your own photo ledge wall! All of the photographs on our ledges were taken by me throughout last year. The greatest memories to look at on a daily basis!

I have a wide selection of frames that I used on these ledges but these are some of my favorite ones by far.