A garage bedroom update and what's left on our to-do list

Our garage turned shared bedroom has come a long way since we last shared our paint, windows and framing post! If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out all the garage updates here! I’m excited that we have around 90% of our to-do list completed, and the remainder of this bedroom includes practical items that will only continue to improve the space.

Since the last post we assembled the beds (which happen to be on sale right now), purchased sheets and comforters, installed the Ikea Pax Wardrobe system, found this awesome futon that we used a coupon code for, and hung these curtains that are too wrinkled from being washed in the washer, when they clearly said hand wash only. I couldn’t find the exact ones so here’s a similar and affordable option!

You know I had to incorporate one of my favorite home essentials, PHOTOS, so we bought two Ikea Ribba frames and I put a photo I took of the boys in their new room in them!

Two little hiccups we’ve run into in this bedroom so far include:

  • A leak in the exterior wall where a SMALL hole was visible in the construction caulk. This allowed for a minuscule amount of water to come through when it rained. We sealed it with additional caulk, fixing the problem, and then for precaution we trimmed the drywall an additional two inches from the ground until we put new baseboards up.

  • The painted floors definitely look awesome, however they are very delicate, more delicate than we would like. If you move furniture around, or rearrange something it definitely takes the paint with it. We don’t really mind a ‘weathered’ look, because the room will be lived in well with heavy foot traffic, so to fix this problem we will be purchasing two over sized area rugs for under the beds, and under the futon. We are loving the busy patterns of this rug.

Can you believe how bright and open it looks now? Those wardrobes we’re hands down the best storage decision in this bedroom. Ikea products are so incredibly practical. We have several Ikea Pax Wardrobes throughout our home and they’re a game changer, especially since we had zero closet space before. Each one of our sons has his own. I just realized I never showed you guys a photo of the options we chose before we put their clothes in. We opted for two pull out bins and two clothing rods in each. Since this photo we have also added a shelf in each above the top pull out drawer. See photo below!

You guys want to see some more photos of the garage turned shared bedroom? Check them out below! We would love for you guys to share this post on social media!

You can see the removed baseboard below the left bed in the photo above! This baseboard will be replaced when we grab a new piece of MDF from Home Depot. You can also see the dusty foot traffic on the floor. This is due to the construction going on in the boys new ‘hallway’ where I’m finishing up the drywall.

Again, to the left of the bed you can see where we cut the drywall a few inches and removed the baseboards to re-caulk the small exposed hole.

What’s left on our list?

  • Purchase nightstands

  • Purchase area rugs

That’s a wrap for our garage bedroom update! We love sharing our room progress with you guys! Our goal is always to inspire others to tackle spaces in their own homes. While a few things in this room might seem like they’re over your head to tackle (like the ductless HVAC unit), you can totally do it. The majority of this room transformation has included wood and paint with a side of furniture assembly!

Would love for you guys to share this post with another family who might be struggling with square footage/family size. To remind you we went from a 6 person, 3 bedroom home, to a 6 person, 4 bedroom home. That has been a game changer for us in regards to personal space and organization. If you have a garage that you don’t park in, why not convert it like we did? The possibilities are endless, but at the end of the day there’s always a way to make your home work for YOU!