Is there anything better than creating on a budget? This do it yourself floor lamp cost a whopping $0 dollars! I had everything on hand, and even if you don’t have these materials on hand, it would only cost roughly $15 depending on your stash!

When we got the boys beds put together in their new room and saw the empty space on the outsides of their beds, we knew we would be putting nightstands there. However, we also wanted them to have access to a light on their side of the bed for any reason. On the right side of the right bed we have an Ikea Hektar lamp that I got in the AS IS room at Ikea a few years ago. It was a steal at $30! We didn’t necessarily want the boys lighting situations to match since the beds and outside frames already do, so I wanted to create something unique, and on an extreme budget.

You can alter this diy floor lamp with larger pieces of wood, but this particular light project dimensions fit our room. You might have a lower ceilings, or different outlet situations. We are lucky enough to be putting our outlets in the room where we need them most. (All electrical for the boys new room is being run through the attic and down conduit pipes.

Ok, let’s get to the tutorial on how I created this floor lamp! First here’s the short material list:

  • 2 1x2’s measured at 70 inches tall + I chose a size I liked for the part that holds the light

  • A plug in pendant light, I couldn’t find this exact one (it’s really old from Target), but here’s another great affordable option.

  • One wing nut + bolt

  • Two screws

  • Paint

So let’s get into how I created this floor lamp. First I took my two 70 inch pieces and lined them up with one another so I could use a drill bit and drill two holes in the same spot. These holes will be attached to the 1x2 that holds that light and secured with the wing nut and bolt. Once those two holes were drilled, I took the two 1x2’s that will hold the light and eyeballed where I wanted those two pieces to sit. I chose to have less in the back of the floor lamp, and a little more in the front.

Once all four of those holes were made, I attached the four pieces of wood. First the outside 1x2, then the two middle 1x2’s, finally the other outside 1x2. For the base I chose a scrap piece of wood and secured the 70 inch 1x2’s to the outside of it. Make sure you pre-drill so your wood doesn’t split.

Finally, I gave the floor lamp a coat of black paint, and stuck the light cord in between the two top middle 1x2 pieces. The wing nut is nice and secure so the top piece doesn’t move. To create a more secure base, you could always use something a little heavier, like a painted concrete stepping stone. Regardless I’ll most likely have this piece zip tied to the conduit pipe once electrical is hooked up on that side because #toddlers.

Here’s a photo of the new floor lamp next to my sons side of the bed.

I can’t wait too get nightstands to go on the sides of the beds! I’ve been eyeballing a couple that I love, but trying to justify the prices!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our new floor lamp! Hopefully we inspired you too go through your scrap wood pile and create something out of nothing while sticking to a budget! We would love for you guys to share this on Pinterest or your other social medias! Simply hit that “Pin It” button when hovering over our images on this post! Thanks so much!