DIY modern slat wood staircase + painted brick exterior

Happy Monday, friends! It’s been awhile since we’ve shared our back door staircase and half painted side exterior, so today I wanted to share a few photos of what both look like after we worked on it yesterday. This project is relatively inexpensive, but varies based on your own home and build. Therefore we didn’t necessarily do a step by step tutorial, however it’s pretty self explanatory in regards to steps.

First we picked up a couple bundles of these from our local Home Depot. We used approximately 50 pieces to create this look. Here’s a few behind the scenes clips in the form of a time lapse, but first what you’ll need/what we used.

Tools you’ll need for this project:

We love how it turned out. It matches our DIY playset perfectly. This project started with base joists and four 4x4 pieces of wood. Once the base was created for this diy modern slat wood staircase, we were able to measure and install the 1x2’s around the perimeter. Starting on the left side of the door, we set the 1x2’s flush against the house, leaving about a 1.5 inch gap between the slats. This step is extremely efficient when you’re able to use a piece of scrap wood to place before nailing your slats in.

Once all the 1x2 wood boards were in place, Scot took our saw and trimmed them, making the flush with the front left 4x4. After the left side was complete we measured the 1x2’s for the front slats, using the same gap board method. Now that the left and front were finished, we installed leftover deck boards to the top of the staircase to cap it off. From there we used another leftover deck board that would connect to the lower 4x4 next to the bottom of the staircase. Those were secured in, and the remaining 1x2 boards were installed horizontally going down the staircase.

The last step for this modern staircase was the stain. We finished it off with one of our favorite color stains and couldn’t be more obsessed with the outcome.

I finished a few things after taking these photos, like painting the gutter behind the stair case, and touching up the door, however the entire look will come together once the back side of the house is painted. Speaking of paint, it’s time I gave you an update on the side of our house. If you remember the last time I shared it looked like this…

Then this…

Brace your eyes because guys, it’s so so good! We went to town last night after finishing our staircase, and I’m so glad we did, because this was an eye sore. Here’s what it currently looks like…

And here’s a shot with the stairs in the shot…

And a close up of Woodford just because…

So what’s on our to-list for the exterior, specifically in this location? Glad you asked…everything. Haha kidding, kind of, but seriously here’s a shorted list of a few major things we want to tackle to transform this space.

  • Rip out the concrete driveway that connects to the house. This will allow the wall to seem as though it was always there, and didn’t use to be an actual garage at one point.

  • Do a strip of landscaping along the garage door, essentially a garden bed. We’re still currently discussing what type of landscaping we would like, but we created this mood board on this post in case you’re wanting to know our style.

  • Stepping stones that lead from the stairs to the new ‘driveway’. Still deciding where we want that to fall. We have to think about the future and having four additional cars in our driveway.

  • Paint the back of the house, including trim and gutters.

  • Build a new deck. We removed it a few years ago because it was hazardous and swayed every time we walked on it. We already have grand plans for the deck, we’re just patiently waiting to be able to fund it. That will be a game changer for our backyard that we’re looking forward to.

  • Place the new HVAC unit on blocks and build a privacy screen around it.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our DIY staircase and painted siding update. Our curb appeal has already drastically improved…now to just paint the remainder of our exterior ;).