GARAGE RENOVATION- Step one cleaning it out + replacing the windows

We have a BIG and exciting project in the works, and we’re stoked to bring you guys along for the ride! Before I get into details, yesterday was the first step in our garage renovation: The clean out. We removed everything that was in our garage (tools, paint, storage containers, kayaks etc and took them down to the basement!

Here’s a photo of our garage before we cleaned it out!

Overall, our garage wasn’t in terrible condition, HOWEVER, I couldn’t justify using it for ‘storage’ anymore. Ok getting back onto the topic of moving all of our belongings to the basement…

This was no easy task, however it didn’t take nearly as much time as we thought it would. Once we removed everything, we were able to start what might be my favorite DIY to date: removing the garage windows. I don’t typically share too many photos of our garage and that’s for good reason.. The two windows that were in here were COMPLETELY destroyed. By baseballs. The boys like to throw/pitch/hit their baseballs in the front yard. When you mix a love of baseball with 1963 windows, it doesn’t always work out in your favor AKA the windows got obliterated.

These windows have been such an eye sore every single time we have pulled up to our house. However, windows are not the most inexpensive item, so we try and be strategic when it comes to making those larger purchases. Below you can see the broken window panes that I’m referencing!

You can check out more window removal/install in our highlights on our INSTAGRAM PAGE.

Here is the space once it was cleaned out. I am kind of obsessing over how large this space looks with the new light that trickles in. In case you were wondering we used these windows for this space and cannot rave about them enough!

Now that the windows have been replaced we are going to move forward with the following:

  • Frame out a ‘hallway’ in the space.

  • Lock down paint colors for the brick and wood along the top of the garage. ( We shared our favorite color combo from a sample we picked up at Home Depot yesterday on our Instagram garage highlights if you want to check that out HERE)

  • Lock down a paint color for the floors. We will most likely do a wall/floor combo for a cohesive look.

  • Frame out windows with MDF. We sprayed them with this yesterday and will trim it today prior to frame install.

In case you want to get a feel for the space and color schemes we’re obsessing over, you can check out this board on our Pinterest account.

I’ll be back to share a few updates from the list above this week! Cannot wait to see all of this start coming together!