GARAGE RENOVATION- Step two building a "hallway", removing garage door, enclosing the space

Well we have quickly made it to step two in our garage renovation, and alot has changed since step one, which can catch up on here. We began by removing our original, and broken, 1963 windows. We replaced them with these windows, and couldn’t love them more. The specs are phenomenal, and they’re also the same windows we used in our kitchen, family room, and master bathroom. Once that was done we we’re able to begin the bigger tasks like removing our garage door and enclosing the space. The 2x4 studs you see in the foreground are where the ‘hallway’ is going to be.

This is what the space currently looks like, the mess is real, but with all renovation projects, it happens. You have to just live with it and go with the flow. All the building materials have to be stored in here now that the garage is enclosed, and not in the driveway, because our weather is calling for rain all week.

The ‘hallway’ was quite easy to build. It just required 10 2x4’s, one treated for the ground surface, some nails, a level, and chalk. We watched several videos on garage door removal, and if I’m being honest we were semi nervous because of the horror stories we read about garage door springs, but overall it was relatively simple to remove. Thanks Scot. :) Here are a few more photos of the current space.

Next up on the list includes the following:

  • Apply the protective vapor barrier to the exterior plywood. We are using this one.

  • Install the James Hardie Board Planks on top of the vapor barrier. We are using this one.

  • Paint Hardie Board planks once installed.

  • Paint exposed bricks, ceiling, and floor. We are eyeballing this paint.

  • Install Ceiling Fan.

  • Install HVAC unit.

  • Install drywall on ‘hallway’

  • Install door in the ‘hallway’

Thanks so much for checking out our garage renovation progress! Stay tuned for the next update!