GARAGE RENOVATION- Step three installing vapor barrier, flashing and tape

The exterior is coming together on our garage renovation. To catch up on this project, make sure you check out our step one and step two posts. Once we built the framing out of 2x4’s for the new exterior wall, we nailed these to the outside. When the boards were in place, we could then move forward and attach the vapor barrier. We went with this brand. This is a two man job, so I held the roll and walked down the side, while Scot attached it to the plywood using a hand stapler.

Before we did the last row of vapor barrier, we attached this galvanized drip edge flashing to the base of the plywood. This will ensure water won’t sit on the bottom of our new exterior wall. We attached it to the plywood using this nailer ( which we LOVE!). You’ll also want to make sure you secure it with glue prior to nailing, we used this one. Here’s a photo timeline of the vapor barrier and flashing install. I wasn’t able to document us putting the barrier on, because like I mentioned before it was a two man job!

*Also please disregard photo quality of step three, as we got home late, and it got dark FAST. The good ole’ Iphone won, the big camera did not come out.

Next up on our agenda tonight is installing our James Hardie planks to the exterior wall. This will be such a game changer when it comes to having a visual of the ‘almost’ finished project!

Once we install the planks, we will be able to caulk, seal, and paint them! THEN we can start focusing on the interior room. AH!!

Thank you so much for following along in our garage renovation. Don’t forget to check out step one and step two on our process!