A small master bathroom update

WOW! It has been awhile since I’ve jumped on here, or really any form of social media over the last couple of weeks! The One Room Challenge took so much energy out of us that we had to step away and just breathe.

Today I had a burst of energy and motivation to work on some more finishing touches so I’m here to share a few updated photos with you guys today! I was out shopping for a few things and love how it’s all coming together. I still need to grab some towel bars. I think we have determined those will be the best fit for this space. They will go behind the glass shower door whenever I buy them.

I am excited to finish the last piece of this bathroom, but for now I am just so thrilled and thankful that we get to enjoy this space. Enjoy the photos!

Special thank you to The Tile Shop for working with us on this bathroom remodel.