WOW! We CANNOT believe we have already arrived at WEEK FIVE of the One Room Challenge! That FLEW by guys. We are coming atcha full force today with some updated photos of our master bathroom. While we were able to check several things off of our to-do list, we still have so much more left to do! Are we making you as nervous as we’re making ourselves? Haha FIVE DAYS! THE REVEAL IS IN FIVE DAYS!!

Ok so let’s get right to it, because there’s more work that needs to be done today! Here are some progression shots for you!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! We were also able to start tiling, you know nothing like last minute, so here are some even MORE updated photos from last nights progress report!

And like always here are a couple progress shots all the way back to week one.

It is finally coming together! Also, yes, I’m the crazy person that has to hang a mirror to see if I like it before the room is finished! That’s as prepared as this type b girl is gonna get! Haha

We have FIVE DAYS to finish this bathroom before the big reveal! I THINK WE CAN, I KNOW WE CAN, WE HAVE NO CHOICE! Let’s DO THIS GUYS!!

What’s left to do?!

  • Finish tiling the shower

  • Install the shower head

  • Install the ceiling slats

  • Mud and Paint the walls

  • Install baseboards

  • Install toilet

  • Switch out outlets and covers

  • STYLE!

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