WOW! We have finally arrived to week six, and to say we are excited to be at the finish line is an understatement. Are there a few more final touches to tend to? Absolutely! This is not our final vision, but it is a proud showcase of what we have accomplished in SIX very SHORT weeks. Our master bathroom was taken all the way down to the STUDS, and at one point it didn’t even have a shower floor, as we had to reconfigure that and build and entirely new sub floor.

The One Room Challenge has made us feel ALL of the feelings! We juggled three baseball player’s schedules, tournaments, practices everyday, school events, and all the life in between to make this come together. We went to bed at 3-4 am EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for the past four weeks to make this come together. There was no down time or moment where we weren’t putting the work in to make this space come together!

Before we get into the fun part (reveal photos) we have to take a minute to share our extreme gratefulness for our AMAZING, out of this WORLD sponsor, The Tile Shop. If you’ve never shopped with them before, or walked around their floor, you my friends are missing out. Morgan, our local store manager, took care of us as soon as we walked into the door and was there every step of the way cheering us on! The customer service, including the ENTIRE staff was phenomenal and they were so fun to be around and work with. I was in the store several times, and I always looked forward to dropping in!

We cannot thank The Tile Shop enough for all that they did for us to help give our master bathroom the modern makeover of our dreams! The tile matched our vision perfectly, and it came together just how we wanted it to! Like any DIY project, we will have an entire post dedicated to our master bathroom journey, including things we would change and helpful tips if you’re planning on tackling your own bathroom renovation!

OK, let’s get to the after photos shall we???

We will also have an entire blog post dedicated to all the sources for this bathroom, so be on the look out for that!

FINALLY here are some before and after side by side shots so you can see just how much this bathroom has transformed!

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for following along on our FIRST ever One Room Challenge! If you haven’t already make sure you check out all of the other amazing rooms that have been shared and posted! I know everyone is so appreciative of you taking the time out to share a few kind words! The One Room Challenge is definitely NOT for the weak! Ha! Will we do a major bathroom renovation for the next One Room Challenge? Definitely NOT, BUT we already have our next plan in store and WE ARE STOKED!

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