Well, well, well! We have made it to week four of the One Room Challenge and while it looks extremely similar to week three and two SO much progress has been made my friends!

Let’s do a little recap of what we have managed to accomplish this week between baseball games! (All Wedi products listed below are from The Tile Shop!)

  • We removed all of the insulation in the shower

  • Removed the entire sub floor in the shower + created a new floor

  • Lowered the entire shower floor so that the new Wedi shower pan would be flush with the existing sub floor

  • Installed the new shower pan floor

  • Installed the Wedi shower drain

  • Installed new Wedi shower boards for the shower surround

  • Installed the new Wedi shower niche

  • Removed the drywall where the old vanity and mirror used to be

  • Removed the toilet

  • Removed the remaining tile around the toilet

  • Chiseled up the remaining old mortar

  • Framed out the new window

  • Re-did all of the plumbing for the shower

PHEW! That is a long list! So while things might not look DRASTICALLY different in the photos, alot of hard work and 3-4 am nights when on behind the scenes! Here are a few week four photos!

Going into the weekend/week five of the One Room Challenge we plan on checking some huge items off of our to-do list including the following:

  • Re-do the plumbing so we can install the new sink

  • Replace the drywall we removed behind the toilet

  • Install storage/cabinets*

  • TILE, TILE, TILE!!!! EEEK!!!!!! And more TILE!!! Can you hear the excitement?

And just like past weeks, here is a before and after to show our progression this week!

Thank you so much for following us along on this crazy 6 week journey! Our master bathroom is on it’s way to becoming our little getaway and we CAN-NOT wait to post those beautiful finished photos! Speaking of photos, makes sure you stop by and check out all of the other amazing room updates on The One Room Challenge week four link up HERE!