PHEW! We made it another week! If you haven’t had a chance to check out WEEK ONE and WEEK TWO of our One Room Challenge so you’re up to date!

I know that you’re probably expecting semi-beautiful, semi-staged photos at this point, HOWEVER that is just not the case. We knew tackling a bathroom makeover for the One Room Challenge would be just that…challenging, but we are loving the limits this project is pushing us to! This renovation in particular is going to look uglier before it looks beautiful!

This week we focused on removing the drywall in the shower area, which by the way was ACTUALLY drywall. No water barriers, no waterproofing, just straight up DRYWALL. Needless to say we were SHOCKED that we didn’t see any sign of mold! So dodged that bullet.

Aside from removing the drywall in the shower we were able to stop by The Tile Shop earlier this week to finalize our material list! Morgan, the store manager, LIKE USUAL made this entire process effortless and we were in and out in thirty minutes flat, and that INCLUDES her pulling product she had on hand in the store! Beyond impressed at how our FIRST ever tile order went, and looking forward to doing it again in the near future for our basement bathroom!

Today I wanted to highlight a few products that we’re so incredibly thankful to be using for our One Room Challenge, unless noted, these products were graciously gifted to us and we are THRILLED to be partnering with these amazing brands! BUT FIRST, here are some updated photos.

Now here are some phenomenal products we have the honor of working with for The One Room Challenge!

We are picking up the rest of our materials tomorrow and CAN NOT wait to get started! I’m going to try and swing video footage as well as photographs for behind the scenes! WHOOP! STAY TUNED!

Also because I love a good before and after, or before and current I should say, here are a few visuals!

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