What would you do? Kitchen Design Series Part 1.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO?  A design series where I take YOUR opinions and design ideas and bring them to life in our home!

Alright guys, so we have this awkward corner in our kitchen that never really gets photographed, let alone shown on our Instagram feed, BUT I need YOUR HELP!

I’m starting a new series called, “What would you do?” in hopes of bringing spaces in our home to life that completely throw me for a look. These spaces often sit unfinished as I try and lock down the most practical and functional design decision. We have to really be purposeful with the utilization of the space we have!

The first part of this series is our kitchen corner, like I mentioned above. To get started here’s a pull back photo of what it currently looks like.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? A design series where I ask for YOUR help designing spaces in our home!
WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Kitchen corner help!

So the far left corner is the area I’m referring to. Right now you’re seeing a half tiled wall, one hardwired light sconce, and half removed crown molding. This space used to be where my desk was, but ultimately I realized it wasn’t a good fit for my computer. I removed the desk, and it’s been like this ever since.

Here’s a few thoughts that I briefly mentioned on our Instagram stories.

  • Tile all the way up to the ceiling. This would be kind of awkward because I would have to tile that entire wall the garage door is on (which is also sporting a garbage bag because #baseballs), and the wall above the laundry room.


  • Remove the tile from the wall, replace the drywall and add in an additional storage wardrobe to match the ones we have in the laundry room.

I tried my hardest to convince Scot to remove that wall going into the Laundry room to open it up, but that was quickly vetoed haha!

NOW I want to show you guys my style inspiration so you can get a feel for what’s inside my scattered brain.


Loving this wood bar height seating.


Same kind of concept, but love the dark backing underneath the wood.

I’m not sure I’ll be putting my desk back in the kitchen, but if this bar height seating isn’t the most practical here’s my other design vision for a desk.

Obsessed with these tones, but hate that my tile wall is so awkward and isn’t on a corner.

HOWEVER, what if I incorporated both storage and a desk like this!

I could easily flip flop the two and sit closer to the laundry room vs the garage door like this!

OK so now that you guys have a feel for what I’m thinking will work in this space, I want your feedback and opinions! Which one of these options, if any, do you think would be the most compatible with the awkward kitchen corner?

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