Stepping out of the 'box' you put yourself in. My personal style journey.

Sometimes as women, whatever role we play on this earth whether it be mother, artist, maker, service leader, the whole nine yards; sometimes I feel like we put ourselves in the ‘box’ we’ve somewhat created for ourselves and never step foot on the outside of it again.

For me personally this topic specifically relates to the minimal lifestyle we obtain in our home. For me, having a clear space and home is what essentially set my mind free from the anxiety that clutter was causing it. However, that extreme switch organically transpired into me feeling like the rest of our home had to be ‘empty’ including the walls.

If you know me in real life, you know that I’m an artist, and while I love minimalism and all that comes with it, my type b creative brain is screaming at me to let my creations and true self come out in our home. There has been a stagnate mental block for the past year where I just couldn’t convince myself to do whatever I wanted to do because I had the word ‘minimal’ attached to my name.

Last night that all changed. I grabbed a can of paint, a brush, and put my vision into hustle mode. In my spare time I create, it’s not as often as I’d like, but mom life will sometimes do that to you. However, when I do, and when my creative juices are flowing, I’m unstoppable.

A few weeks ago I shared this photograph below on my Instagram stories.




I created this one night as was so incredibly drawn to the organic flow of it. The lines, the tones, the mix of shapes and shades. I was going to print it in this empty frame I have sitting around, but convinced myself to go big or go home. That’s when I knew the wall above our credenza was going to be my canvas. In fact let me show you just how drastic of a difference this made! Here’s a before and after.

Such a simple, yet drastic change for this family room space. I opted for a lower and darker color block and a more ‘organic’ upper color block on this wall. I love it matched with this print from this shop. I’ll link the rest of the sources below if you’re interested.

So all of this to say, that just because you have something attached to your name, like ‘minimal’ for me, don’t assume you can’t still create the visions you want to create fearful of the ‘criticism’ you might endure. (I will note, I don’t personally believe I’ll endure criticism, but it’s definitely what my mind tells me).

I hope this post inspired you to pick up a can of paint and go to town with your vision. Don’t compare yourself to other accounts on the interwebs or Instagram. No one lives under the same roof. If you’re inspired and want to pursue something in your home, then do it. If you want to paint half circles on your wall, tape glitter stars to your ceiling, or add monkey bars down your hallway, DO.IT. Because from now on, I am. I’m doing it all.

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