Photo update on our basement remodel/renovation

We’ve shared a few photo updates over on our Instagram, but wanted to share a few more on This Minimal House, too. So much progress has been made in our basement remodel. We officially have the drywall installed, closets framed out, and rooms are starting to come together.

This has been an extremely big project, up there with our kitchen renovation. A lot of late nights have gone into this space, and we’re really proud of the work and progress we have made this far. Moving forward here is a list of things that still need completed in order of importance.

  • Mitigation system installation to fix our radon issues. If you’ve never heard of radon or issues it can cause to your health, we highly recommend you checking out this site to stay informed.

  • Finish drywall tape lines. (This step will bring us one step closer to painting).

  • Install dehumidifier systems in the closets and crawl space.

  • Hook up remainder of wall outlets.

  • Install ceiling. We were on the fence in regards to the type of ceiling we would have in our basement. We entertained the idea of spraying them black, but for a more ‘finished’ look, we will most likely go with sheet rock.

  • Paint

This to-do list doesn’t include finishing the bathroom or the design aspect of the basement space. Check out a few other photos of what the basement currently looks like below. Make sure to follow us on Instagram ! We share live behind the scenes progress on our stories!

If you have a basement that you’ve been wanting to remodel and have any questions, we would love for you to reach out so we can share what we’ve learned along the way! We would also appreciate it if you wanted to save these photos by pinning them on Pinterest!