How to build floating shelves

We all have that one spot in our home that is just awkward. You go through different design scenarios in your head, and you ponder for weeks. That was exactly what happened with the awkward corner of our kitchen. It went from blue stained wood paneling, to drywall, to white weird subway tiles, to our now do it yourself modern open shelving!

At one point I put out a call to action for all of our Instagram followers and got the most amazing feedback on this corner. A majority of the responses for this space was a coffee bar. I loved the idea of a coffee bar, however Scot and I don’t drink coffee, therefore I couldn’t see that idea working for us! The more I pondered the more I came to the conclusion, that I wanted a space for all the items I want to keep on our counters, but have a problem committing to making that actually happen. (I LOVE a clean counter space more than anything!) You can read more about our fool proof cleaning hacks that go hand in hand with that here.

Moving right along, we ultimately decided on open shelving. Now open shelving has never really been on our radar. We personally prefer to not see ‘clutter’. Granted, this would be ‘pretty clutter’. Ha! However, nothing else was going to work in this corner, so open shelving it was. I am SO incredibly glad we jumped and went through with them, because they fit this kitchen corner so well. I love the modern touch they bring to the space, and they really complete it!

Want to know how we tackled this space/see progression photos? If you want to create these shelves for your own home all you’ll need are the following items:

  • 2x4’s

  • bolts/screws (for securing into studs)

  • mdf (we used 1/2 in)

  • paint brush

  • paint

  • caulk

Easy Peasy! Here are the progression photos below!

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We’ve shared it on our Instagram, but I’m stoked to show you our actual mood board for our One Room Challenge that we are participating in! We chose to transform our master bathroom because it lacks all things beautiful. Is it functional? Yes. Is it the dreamy master bathroom retreat we want to relax in at the end of the day? No. Which is exactly why we cannot wait to get started on this diy journey!

In case you’re not familiar with the One Room Challenge, it’s a six week process, and every Thursday guests share their current progress with the entire design world across social media! To date more than 3000 rooms have been transformed during the One Room Challenge! That is SO COOL!

Moving right along. We chose our master bathroom because it’s really one of the last rooms that has been touched in our house. We transformed our children's bathroom. You can view more of that here. Our kitchen has come a LONG way from where it started, and is still currently our biggest diy to date. We’ve tackled projects like our diy rustic fireplace here.

When it comes to the design of our master bathroom, we really wanted to bring in warmer earthy tones for a more relaxing environment. Soft lighting will be key to finishing off this small space.

Now let’s get to the good part, the mood board, and the before photos! Here is the vision we have for the bathroom.


We are loving these colors together, and cannot wait to start the demo process, because trust me I’ve been waiting to get rid of this poorly installed shower insert for the past four and half years!

First up on the to-do list for this One Room Challenge is to remove the sink and the shower insert! I’ll be posting behind the scenes on our Instagram, so if you’re not following over there make sure you hop on over and give us a follow! Also don’t miss out on all the amazing guest participants of the One Room Challenge HERE!


Hallway renovation photo update

Hey guys!! We are finally bringing an updated hallway renovation post your way, after dealing with this hallway project for a solid two weeks now! Here are some before photos after I removed old board and batten in our hallway. They were pine boards and they left quite the impression on the drywall, so we have a plan specifically for this right wall.

The left wall, with the darker shiplap, is the wall that is going to be removed leading down into the basement.

Here is a during progress of the hallway renovation.

We we’re undecided on what we were going to do for the bottom of the built in Ikea Pax Wardrobe. We had to elevate it on 2x12 pieces of wood to allow our return vent, located underneath it, to flow. This photo was the first game plan using MDF, but it didn’t work out with the decorative sheet metal I picked up from Home Depot.

I removed all of the door and baseboard trim and replaced it with MDF. It gives the hallway such a cleaner look. It was such an eye sore to look at all the door frames, and broken trim, but I am loving the updated progress. Speaking of updated progress shots, check out what our hallway currently looks like below.

We are moving forward with the hallway renovation and the next steps are to figure out what kind of railing we want to install once the load bearing wall is removed. From here we plan on covering the right wall to eliminate it’s imperfections. We’re really excited to share more on that this coming week! Finally we will replace the attic ladder, as it’s the original and not in very good shape. Safety hazard for sure.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our progress. Don’t forget to follow our DIY projects on our Instagram where we post behind the scenes footage!

Modern Minimal Dining Room

Our dining room is starting to come together, and I am obsessed with it. There are a few things that still make me cringe, aka our orange floors, but those will be leaving us in the next couple of months so I’m celebrating.

When it comes to our table we opted for benches as opposed to chairs. So far it’s worked out so well during meal time. The storage cabinet behind our dining room table is the perfect solution for family games. Our fireplace was for sure one of the most frustrating do it yourself projects we’ve tackled to date, but so far it matches our aesthetic. We will most likely smooth it out when we tackle the floors.

I am trying to convince Scot to hang two minimal pendants above the table, I’ll keep you posted on that situation. The rug really ties it all together. So many mixed emotions when it comes to rugs in your home, particularly underneath your dining room table.

Here’s a before and after of our dining room for reference of it’s progression.

Are you pro area rugs in your dining room or are those a big NO? Let me know! Follow us on Instagram using the button below!

Stepping out of the 'box' you put yourself in. My personal style journey.

Sometimes as women, whatever role we play on this earth whether it be mother, artist, maker, service leader, the whole nine yards; sometimes I feel like we put ourselves in the ‘box’ we’ve somewhat created for ourselves and never step foot on the outside of it again.

For me personally this topic specifically relates to the minimal lifestyle we obtain in our home. For me, having a clear space and home is what essentially set my mind free from the anxiety that clutter was causing it. However, that extreme switch organically transpired into me feeling like the rest of our home had to be ‘empty’ including the walls.

If you know me in real life, you know that I’m an artist, and while I love minimalism and all that comes with it, my type b creative brain is screaming at me to let my creations and true self come out in our home. There has been a stagnate mental block for the past year where I just couldn’t convince myself to do whatever I wanted to do because I had the word ‘minimal’ attached to my name.

Last night that all changed. I grabbed a can of paint, a brush, and put my vision into hustle mode. In my spare time I create, it’s not as often as I’d like, but mom life will sometimes do that to you. However, when I do, and when my creative juices are flowing, I’m unstoppable.

A few weeks ago I shared this photograph below on my Instagram stories.




I created this one night as was so incredibly drawn to the organic flow of it. The lines, the tones, the mix of shapes and shades. I was going to print it in this empty frame I have sitting around, but convinced myself to go big or go home. That’s when I knew the wall above our credenza was going to be my canvas. In fact let me show you just how drastic of a difference this made! Here’s a before and after.

Such a simple, yet drastic change for this family room space. I opted for a lower and darker color block and a more ‘organic’ upper color block on this wall. I love it matched with this print from this shop. I’ll link the rest of the sources below if you’re interested.

So all of this to say, that just because you have something attached to your name, like ‘minimal’ for me, don’t assume you can’t still create the visions you want to create fearful of the ‘criticism’ you might endure. (I will note, I don’t personally believe I’ll endure criticism, but it’s definitely what my mind tells me).

I hope this post inspired you to pick up a can of paint and go to town with your vision. Don’t compare yourself to other accounts on the interwebs or Instagram. No one lives under the same roof. If you’re inspired and want to pursue something in your home, then do it. If you want to paint half circles on your wall, tape glitter stars to your ceiling, or add monkey bars down your hallway, DO.IT. Because from now on, I am. I’m doing it all.

SOURCES: Frame | Print | Candle | Pot | Plant | Paint |

Update your space with bold prints + this 40% OFF + 10% OFF coupon code

I’m a go big or go home printer when it comes to photographs and art in our home (aside from these photos displayed on our diy photo ledges). I think smaller prints are great, but when you’re trying to dramatically change a space, bigger is better.

In fact I printed this “Be a Nice Human” print from BT Design Co as a 20x30! The frame from Custom picture frames is a 24x36! I wanted something behind this floor lamp in our family room that wasn’t too distracting, but would break up the empty wall space. The tones of this frame and this print combined was design jackpot for this little corner.

I’m such a fan of the entire scandinavian line that custom picture frames offers. When designed a wall or space in our home, I first like to gather the frames that I love. I have a few guidelines when it comes to updating your space with bold prints, whether one print or multiples.

  • Pick a color scheme- If I were designing a multi-framed gallery wall I would for sure combine these three frames. Ceruse, Weatherly, and Treat.

  • Pick the sizes- If I have a larger area to cover, I would pick a handful of medium to large sized prints to take up as much wall space as possible to make a heavy impact, but one that offers variety. Custom picture frames offers total customization, from frame sizes, mat options, glass finishes, and hanging features.

  • Finally, once I have my custom frames locked down, I start the print selection. For me personally, having my frames picked out first makes the process so much easier, because then I can browse through the prints I want to display without stressing about what I’m hanging it in.

Here are a few of my favorite prints from BT Design Co! And frames from Custom Picture Frames that would be the perfect finishing touches to them.

Are you ready to update your space with bold prints? Well you’re in luck because I have a coupon code for you to make that happen!

BT Design Co is offering a gracious discount of 40% OFF the purchase of four or more prints. That is a crazy amazing deal! Custom Picture Frames is offering a gracious 10% OFF your custom frame order!



Master bathroom wall mounted faucet favorites

I recently purchased two globe lights from our local thrift store for $2 and swapped them out with the lights we had in our master bathroom. Here’s what the globe light looks like.

The bases of these globe lights are a rubbed bronze color, and they go perfectly with this paint that we have used throughout our home. We have a few things left to make this master bathroom finished, but luckily due to it’s size, it won’t take much. Here is a list of our to-do list for our master bathroom.

  • Remove shower insert + tile shower and floors

  • Replace window + Install frosted film like this one (and it’s UNDER $10!)

  • Install practical and useful storage space without taking away square footage

However today we wanted to share our favorite wall mounted sink faucet favorites with you. These all have a modern flare, and would be great options if you’re entertaining the idea of mixing metal tones in your own bathroom. I used to think everything had to be matching and uniformed, but I love that we mixed it up in our guest bathroom, so we’re planning to do the same with our master bathroom.

So here are the wall mounted sink faucets we’re eyeballing for our master bathroom. *These photos posted below do contain affiliate links. This means This Minimal House will get a TINY commission from your purchase with NO cost to you! We are so appreciative of your loyal readership and allowing us to put the funds back into this space for great content!

We’re excited to narrow a wall mount faucet down once we get the wall and shower tile picked out. I am absolutely LOVING the matte black option (top right), though! What about you? Which one is your favorite?

This could be killing you, and you have no idea!

When it comes to our homes, we don’t typically put much thought towards something that could potentially be damaging to our bodies and overall health, especially if you can’t physically see it. Sure, we all know about Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and all the symptoms that come along with it like dizziness, chest pain, and confusion. However, if you dive deeper there’s an even deadlier substance lurking below our homes that is completely symptom free, and before you catch it, it’s often times too late.

Let’s back track a little so you can get a feel for our history and most importantly completely avoid all the mistakes we wished we never made.

We purchased our home in 2014. We had three kids, the youngest not even crawling yet, and we were completely over the moon with our purchase. We locked down the land we wanted, the school system we wanted, the character we wanted, we didn’t think anything could bring us down from the cloud 9 we were happily sitting on. Looking back now, there are so many things we would have changed, but I want to make it clear that this isn’t an issue talked about enough. Rookies, if you will, in home ownership, we took everything lightly in the beginning and brushed it off our shoulders.

The paperwork was signed and we were on our way to living our dreams, or so we thought. During the home inspection, our inspector ran a radon test in our basement to check the levels in our home. Radon was something neither Scot and I have ever really heard of, or given any thought to before this home. We agreed to the test because it was recommended by our home inspector. The test had to remain down there at the lowest level of our home for a few days, and when we finally got the results back our numbers were at a 17. We initially we’re alarmed, but not alarmed enough to stay out the the house until it was fixed. We preformed some basic google searches like, “What is radon?”, “Is Radon harmful?”, “Long term affects of Radon exposure?”.

All in all the general consensus was that yes radon is bad for you, but the exposure was worse if you were a smoker. We also stumbled across several articles that played devils advocate for radon making bold statements like, “It’s all a ploy/conspiracy act for companies to make money on your home!”, “Radon does not cause any harm!”. Again…if we had only listened to our guts almost five years ago we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in now.

Fast forward to today. We still haven’t addressed our radon issues, but things are about to change. First and foremost, in case you’re not aware, January is Radon Awareness month. Click HERE to be linked to the National Radon Action Month’s website to become more educated and aware of this deadly gas. Before I continue I wanted to share a few radon facts with you that you might not know about.

  • Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, according to EPA estimates. (source)

  • Radon in soil  under homes is the biggest source of radon in indoor air,  and presents a greater risk of lung cancer than radon in  drinking water.

  • Radon is everywhere. You can use this map to check out what the levels are in your area, and whether you’re at risk or not.

  • Radon is a colorless, odorless, and flavorless gas at ordinary temperature and pressure.

So fast forward to present day and we currently own this Airthings continuous reader in the basement. Right now our numbers are sitting around 12-15. However, the other day because Radon increases with rain, was reading at a 54. Yes you read that right, our radon was reading at a 5-4. Insane, and so incredibly scary. Want another reason to think about the radon situation in your home? Just today our friends at Airthings share a story about an US Olympian, Rachael Malmberg. You can read/watch more about her story HERE

This story is scary, terrifying, but so incredibly eye opening to how you can take the steps TODAY to make sure you can avoid all the dangers of radon in your home.

We have officially scheduled our mitigation system to be installed by a local reputable company. If you would like the contact information please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at Seven days can’t go by quick enough.

To say we’re looking forward to having our mitigation system installed is an EXTREME understatement. We will be documenting the entire process to help spread as much awareness as possible when it comes to radon. We feel extremely empowered to become advocates to eliminate the risk of radon in your own home. Radon comes up in conversations with friends that have never heard of or thought twice about before.

If you’re reading this post, I highly, HIGHLY encourage you to share it. Share it with all of your friends and family. Take the initiative and purchase a continuous reader like this one to start protecting your family and come up with a plan to rid your home of this odorless, damaging gas. We’re also attaching a photo below, and we would love for you to Pin it to get the word out there. If this blog post reaches a handful of people, we feel like that’s a great way to start a radon movement.

How to anchor a leaning mirror to the wall

Want to anchor a leaning mirror to the wall to avoid it falling over? This is the perfect, and most affordable way you can make that happen!

If you’re in the market for a mirror, this is the floor length mirror I anchored. Now let’s get to this easy, and affordable diy.

  1. Find your stud using a stud finder and mark it

  2. Hammer in a construction grade staple into the stud

  3. Leave enough room to insert a zip tie

  4. Insert zip tie through the staple and through the d hook located on your mirror

  5. Tighten your zip tie and you’re all done ready to go with a safely anchored floor length mirror!

DIY modern and minimal storage nightstand

This DIY modern and minimal storage nightstand was the perfect solution for a low bedside solution. This was built out of leftover scrap wood. Here’s a fun GIF to show what it looks like on the inside, which can’t be seen unless physically turned).

This was a quick and simple do it yourself project. No plans, just got inspired by a few pieces on saw on this Pinterest board.

Materials used:

  • Scrap 2x12 wood

  • Scrap builders plywood

  • Screws

  • Nail gun

  • L brackets

Photo update on our basement remodel/renovation

We’ve shared a few photo updates over on our Instagram, but wanted to share a few more on This Minimal House, too. So much progress has been made in our basement remodel. We officially have the drywall installed, closets framed out, and rooms are starting to come together.

This has been an extremely big project, up there with our kitchen renovation. A lot of late nights have gone into this space, and we’re really proud of the work and progress we have made this far. Moving forward here is a list of things that still need completed in order of importance.

  • Mitigation system installation to fix our radon issues. If you’ve never heard of radon or issues it can cause to your health, we highly recommend you checking out this site to stay informed.

  • Finish drywall tape lines. (This step will bring us one step closer to painting).

  • Install dehumidifier systems in the closets and crawl space.

  • Hook up remainder of wall outlets.

  • Install ceiling. We were on the fence in regards to the type of ceiling we would have in our basement. We entertained the idea of spraying them black, but for a more ‘finished’ look, we will most likely go with sheet rock.

  • Paint

This to-do list doesn’t include finishing the bathroom or the design aspect of the basement space. Check out a few other photos of what the basement currently looks like below. Make sure to follow us on Instagram ! We share live behind the scenes progress on our stories!

If you have a basement that you’ve been wanting to remodel and have any questions, we would love for you to reach out so we can share what we’ve learned along the way! We would also appreciate it if you wanted to save these photos by pinning them on Pinterest!