We are extremely passionate about clean products. A big goal for 2019 is to slowly eliminate hazardous toxin filled chemicals and replace them with natural, non-harmful, ingredients. If you can relate to this goal, then Gold + Ivy Co candles are for you and your home.

Store bought candles have a long laundry list of negative ingredients that essentially just pollute the air you’re breathing. Gold + Ivy Co candles are hand poured, made from cotton wicks, phthalate free essential oils. We also love that they’re in reusable jars using American-grown soy wax. It just doesn’t get much better than that. Actually, it does. This Toasted Marshmallow scent will take you right back to childhood campfires. It has won over the noses of the entire household.

We highly encourage you to check out Gold + Ivy Co. Not only will your purchase put you on the right track to a safer home, but you’ll be supporting a small business!

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