When Mapiful reached out to Scot and I and pitched us their maps, we knew we had to jump on board! We’ve never had a sentimental item that signified our love story, and then Mapiful came along and it’s now one of our most treasured decor pieces!

Essentially Mapiful takes meaningful memories and turns them into a longitude, latitude map. Our map is where Scot and I first met in high school pottery class. There are so many ways to customize your map, and I chose to put “You are my greatest adventure” at the bottom of our map, because that’s what Scot is, my greatest adventure!

Our map design is the following:

  • Pantone

  • Legend

  • White/black combo

We removed the longitude and latitude and replaced it with our quote. The shipping of our Mapiful was INSANELY fast, especially considering it came all the way from Sweden! Do you have a special place you fell in love, or met your significant other? Or maybe you traveled somewhere that left you speechless and full of new memories? Create a map from Mapiful today to display in your own home!