When it comes to tough smells, we need something that can combat it without harming us even more. That’s one reason why we are so in love with our new Bamboo Activated Charcoal Air Freshener bag!

This aesthetically pleasing beanbag is the perfect solution for any space in your home that has strong odors. Personally and for our home in particular this space happens to be our laundry room. Both of our dogs sleep in our laundry room at night, so between their dog blankets, dog bed, and any additional dirt they drag inside, the smell is extremely prominent.

Aside from our dogs sleeping in the laundry room we also have the second leading source of foul odor in our home and that’s our shoe bin at the bottom of our wardrobe! These shoe bins house all of our children’s shoes, including baseball cleats and basketball shoes. If you are a mom and have children, then no more explanation is needed, you get me. The shoe bin for sure tops all the dog smells.

We placed our Bamboo Activated Charcoal Air Freshener in the wardrobe shoe bin. We cannot wait to check back in a few days with the results!

So now that I shared our problem areas in our home, and where we’re placing our bag, I want to share a few things we LOVE about this product, and the company that created it!

  • It’s a new brand of premium activated charcoal air purifying bags.

  • Its an all natural way to remove odors from the air and is not only toxin-free, but also eco-friendly!

  • They’re completely fragrance free!

I love that this product is fragrance free, as I’m extra sensitive to smells. HOWEVER, my favorite thing about Bisou Natural is that for every air purifying bag that is purchased, they PLANT A TREE. That is such a commendable action to implement in a business. That alone motivates me to buy one for every problem area we have!

So let’s get into the good stuff! How do you purchase? You can purchase your own Bamboo Activated Charcoal air freshener on Amazon HERE. You can select from two color choices pink or green, we personally own the green one! The best part? Right now they’re UNDER $10! That is such a steal.

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