An organic and ethically sourced duvet insert you need for your bedroom

Bedding is such a key factor when it comes to your bedroom. You have a check list of things you look for and things you want to avoid when making your selection. I know for us personally we prefer as organic and ethically sourced as possible (i.e absolutely zero child labor in the production of the item), and today we are sharing an amazing product that hits all the checklist boxes. This  Organic Cotton 100% New Zealand Pure Wool Duvet Insert from A1HC is the perfect solution for your space.

We’ve tried standard ‘blankets’ and quilts in our previous duvet cover, and they all failed miserably. However, this wool duvet inset is giving us hope, and for several reasons. For example, this wool duvet insert is created using quilting and corner loops, which means your fill will not shift. Let’s highlight a few of it’s other key characteristics that make this wool duvet insert the most ideal purchase for your duvet cover.

  • The filling is 100% safe and pure.

  • The infill allows for a more breathable sleep, additional regulating your body temperature.

  • Certified organic + hypoallergenic.

  • Easy to maintain. Can be dry cleaned, or machine washed on a slow cycle.

  • Anti bacterial, Anti pilling, Resistant to dust, mold, and mildew.

  • Ethically sourced and created without the use of child labor.

Another key feature that sets this duvet insert apart from other inserts is the fact that instead of four corner loops where your duvet insert still has wiggle room, A1HC’s has a total of EIGHT loops where it can be secured! This is going to be a game changer on our current views of duvet inserts.

I also love the weight of this blanket. It’s heavier than I was expecting, and was an extremely pleasant surprise. I’m not the greatest sleeper, and have never had a weighted blanket, but have friends that have and they rave about them. I will keep you guys posted on my first sleep with this insert! I mean just look at how fluffy and inviting it is!!

Knowing that we will be sleeping with organic, hypoallergenic bedding gives us such a peace of mind. If you’re in the duvet insert market we cannot recommend this product enough. We know you will not be disappointed with this purchase. We are looking forward to using it in our new duvet and showing you guys a little behind the scenes of what we will be up to in the coming weeks.

You can purchase your A1HC GOTS Organic Cotton 100% New Zealand Pure Wool Duvet Insert here! Make sure to also stop by and check them out on Instagram! In the market for other products? Awesome! They sell everything from floor mats to shower curtains! Check out the rest of their inventory on their website here!