Pampas grass

I am so obsessed with pampas grass. I mean how could you not be? The wispy, elegant, and neutral color schemes alone can fit perfectly in any space of your home. I saw pampas grass for the first time a few years ago on a couple minimalist accounts I followed on Instagram. I was always so drawn to the aesthetic these gorgeous plants offered any vase/wall. For our home, I am absolutely loving it in this concrete planter as a centerpiece on our dining room table! The colors are one hundred percent nothing short of MAGICAL.

Pampas grass is available in most store fronts and Etsy shops, but you can also take a few clippings from a pampas bush outdoors if you’d like, too! I couldn’t convince myself to cut some off in public so I opted to take the domesticated route and just purchase a bundle. While we were out running errands today, I picked up this one! This bundle was also a close contender! In fact I’ll most likely go back and pick the second bundle up for our master bathroom! (Don’t forget to use your coupon for max savings!)

I feel like this pampas grass is the finishing piece for our dining room table. It ties in with the rug and concrete fireplace texture perfectly. I also love that I decided to go with faux pampas grass. I plan on this decor having longevity in our home, so I want to be able to move it from room to room and not have to worry about upkeep!

I trimmed the bundle when I got home so they were a little shorter for this faux concrete planter. I just eyeballed the entire thing. This is how they look from the top view.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to things you can do with pampas grass. You can put it on the wall, display in a vase, incorporate it into a wedding bouquet, create a stunning wreathe. Here are a few of my favorite pampas grass inspiration photos!


How gorgeous are those in that tall glass amber vase?!


I also wanted to share a great hack that someone told me on Instagram and that was to spray your pampas grass with aqua net (assuming any kind will work, just make sure it’s extra hold), and it won’t shed as much! I know mine is faux, but I went ahead and sprayed it anyways! I shared that behind the scenes video on our Instagram stories!

If you don’t have any pampas grass in your home yet, I highly encourage you to pick up a bundle in the store, or venture out in nature and bring some clippings back! I hate to even use the word ‘trends’, but I definitely believe this is the newest ‘house plant’. If you purchase the bundle we are using in our dining room, we would love to see! Follow us over on Instagram and send it to us so we can share and tag your account! :)