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Do you ever have those days where you look around, and the projects that were once at the bottom of your to-do list because of their size suddenly come forefront and are practically screaming at you to be prioritized? No? Just me? Well, today was one of those days in case you were curious. Let's go ahead and jump right into our refresh project list!


One thing I have not been able to get over since moving in, are our floors. They are absolutely horrendous. They were finished prior to us moving in with legit yellow stain and poly. Yellow, guys. YELLOW. There's nothing that will ruin a room quicker than bad floors.

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One of the most used rooms in our house is easily the Laundry Room. Around the clock laundry for six people and broom storage is a necessity to keep this house in order. I should also note that our children managed to break our garage door, so it's been our new entryway and exit. To be honest, our laundry room is the best choice for entrance due to the shoe storage also being in there. We are an avid outdoor family, so we absolutely never have clean feet/shoes. (We are obsessed with our storage in there, too! That's coming soon!)

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