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Instead of throwing them out, we did what we're good at, we recycled them and passed them down to their sister. Not only does she have her own room, but she has much smaller clothes. We currently have all of our 1963 bi fold doors removed from the closet for several reasons. They we're starting to come off the tracks, and honestly are just too dated for the current design of our home. The closets will most likely be tackled after the basement renovation takes off.

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Gallery walls are my favorite home decor in our home. I know recently within the last few years gallery walls have been all the craze. I however do not treat gallery walls as a "trend" per say. Hanging beautiful artwork, and most importantly photos of your children are timeless and never "trending". I also believe there's a specific way gallery walls should be approached. I've come across several that include mass produced art and random items. These types of gallery walls can be wonderful, IF the items are meaningful. I personally don't want to display store bought items; insert custom floral prints here. 

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