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Currently all three boys share a room, and at the rate the basement renovation is happening, it's going to be like this for a little while longer. However, sharing a room isn't the issue, the size of the room is. Since it is a smaller room, we have to make sure we utilize every square inch of the space, goes along with the theme for the rest of our house as well. I believe the room is 11x11, this includes the closet not pictured to the left of the bed. 

The layout prior to tackling this Ikea Hack included this set of Ikea bunk beds, as well as the Ikea Fjellse twin bed, which they no longer carry. Here's a similar version. While Ikea offers extremely functional pieces, specifically geared towards smaller spaces, we knew that we needed to eliminate a bed to allow for more growing room.

Here's where our Ikea hack came into play. Today I'm going to share with you how we turned our Ikea Fjellse twin bed into a trundle bed to slide underneath our Ikea bunk beds. This project took an afternoon to complete, and the only tools used we're my Dewalt Miter Saw and the Ikea wrench that came with the bed for installation. I'm going to break the cuts down based on the stock photo for a better visual.

IKEA HACK CUTS www.thisminimalhouse.com

Ok, ok SO not a very technical photo, however, I made a cut at every black rectangle. I measured how much room was below the bunk bed to the floor. Then I measured the height of the twin bed and cut accordingly. I drew a line on the outside of the bed support on the side slats and cut to make it flush. I did this step because the bed with the original side slat lengths wouldn't slide underneath the bunk beds, so I had to take about 2.5-3 inches off the side slats.

The original plan in my head involved small castor wheels underneath the trundle, but both beds we're too low to the ground to accommodate, so just make sure you measure to ensure your project turns out accordingly. 

Once I made all the cuts I simply used the hardware from the bed and reattached, using additional screws for added support. Finally I added two pull handles for easier access. It was a quick afternoon project, that drastically transformed this room. If you live in a smaller home, I highly encourage you to try this, if not with an Ikea bed, but any bed. If not any bed, you could easily knock this project out with wood for less than $50. 

Here are a before after photos of how I transformed our Ikea Fjellse bed into a trundle. Ignore the darker photos, we have rain in the forecast all week, and I wanted to get this post up for you!

*Also, please ignore our floors, yes they are that horrendous orange color, yes the poly is pealing, yes we want to refinish them, however it won't be for awhile, because #pricey.

IKEA TWIN BED HACK www.thisminimalhouse.com
IKEA TWIN  BED HACK www.thisminimalhouse.com
IKEA TWIN BED HACK www.thisminimalhouse.com
IKEA TWIN BED HACK www.thisminimalhouse.com
IKEA TWIN BED HACK www.thisminimalhouse.com

It's hard to tell from this poor lighting, but the bunk bed and now trundle bed are stained with THIS STAIN ,which is my all time favorite. 

So lastly, a short to-do list that we still need to do for a completed space-

  • Paint walls (most likely white, let's be honest!)
  • Re stain/re finish floors (whenever that takes place)
  • Replace windows
  • Finish extended closet

Thanks for much for stopping by and reading today! This Ikea hack is life changing, and I'm excited to now have an entire other half of the room to make a magical space with. Have any questions? Drop us a line to HERE. So appreative of your readership! 

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