diy upcycled thrifted coffee table.jpg

If you're a new reader then you probably don't know that I completely eliminated thrifting from my lifestyle with the mindset of less is more. Also because random finds hold no emotional connection, therefore it's all a waste and unnecessary. You can read more about our journey to minimalism in this post. However in the midst of furnishing our home, I need to be mindful of the stage of life we're in and the furniture choices we make. We have four children 8 and under. That alone is a recipe for disaster when it comes to keeping furniture in pristine condition. Not for lack of discipline per say, but our home is lived in, and lived in well. I'm not going to fork out thousands of dollars on furniture and stress over every single move and piece of food.

Enter this Goodwill coffee table find that we stumbled across at the end of our coffee table hunt. This is what the coffee table looked like before I started it's transformation.


Night and day, right? It was way too traditional for our home, and let's not even get started on the dark cherry finish. Want to know my favorite part about this thrifted piece? Check out the storage that comes with it.


It's the perfect solution for blankets, extra board games, and whatever else get's thrown in there. We are in the midst of moving our family room into our old dining room, so it will be in close quarters with our diy credenza. 

This will probably be the only thing I thrift this year, but I can say that I'm glad I crossed paths with this $19 coffee table. Excited to see the room come together in the next week or so! Looking forward to updating you on our purchases.