Do you ever have those days where you look around, and the projects that were once at the bottom of your to-do list because of their size suddenly come forefront and are practically screaming at you to be prioritized? No? Just me? Well, today was one of those days in case you were curious. Let's go ahead and jump right into our refresh project list!


One thing I have not been able to get over since moving in, are our floors. They are absolutely horrendous. They were finished prior to us moving in with legit yellow stain and poly. Yellow, guys. YELLOW. There's nothing that will ruin a room quicker than bad floors. It completely messes up the aesthetic in your head, and your vision will never truly come full circle because you're instantly blinded by your self tanned hardwoods.

The wood tones that are currently present in our home, like our diy family room fireplace mantel, and our dining room credenza, which will eventually make it's way on here, are stained my favorite minwax stain color, walnut. Preferably I would love for our floors to match these, if not a lighter/natural stain. 


Next up on our refresh project list:


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I like to be very practical when it comes to designing a space. I want whatever is in our home to benefit us 100%. It's always nice to see pretty photos of finished spaces and to get inspired, but a majority of the time what you're looking at is a staged photo that will just end up being destroyed afterwards because it doesn't utilize the space to it's full potential. I think we can all agree we want beautiful homes, but we also have to think about the bigger picture, especially if you have children.

So my main issue with entryways is the fact that you already have a list in your mind about what's "supposed" to go there; i.e coat hooks, mirror, some form of dresser, maybe a rug, and some art. I love all of these options, but I'm really going to dig deeper into our entryway to see how we can get the most out of this little corner. Stay tuned.

Next up on our refresh project list:



So while these on our refresh project list, they're mainly on our efficiency list because our old windows definitely don't benefit our house to the fullest. They're dated, leak air, and while I love the overall look of them, I prefer a lower electric bill! I am obsessed over these windows...

I would love to create more light with larger windows, specifically in the front of the house now that we removed all of our pine trees in the front yard! In total we would be replacing 14 windows! So definitely going to budget for that upgrade!

Next up on our refresh project list:


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One of my favorite, and probably only favorite things about new construction, is ceiling height. Our house is pretty old, so it's no surprise that we have lower ceilings than the majority! However I do know we have a few options to explore to make that ceiling height happen, and I'm excited to see that dream come to life (HOPEFULLY, fingers crossed, this year!) I definitely think it would completely open up our space even more than the removal and install of LVL beams. You can check out how we did that HERE.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading our refresh project list! If you could pick ONE project to start working on this week to make you love your home that much more, what would it be? I would love to hear in the comments below!