Now that we've made it through 90% of the bathroom renovation, we can start planning the fun part, the styling. It's so gratifying to see the old tile replaced with new, but even more gratifying to see the entire vision come to life. Plus that means we're one step closer to getting a shower curtain put on and moving our children out of our bathroom. Parent win.

I put together a bathroom  mood board in hopes of compiling some of my favorite picks for our bathroom renovation. We have already purchased a few of these items, and I'm looking forward to finalizing our list. So far we have the shower curtain, shower curtain rod, bath rug, and bins for the new bathroom vanity. One thing that isn't on this board is the window treatment. That will most likely be the last item to purchase once the bathroom is 100% finalized. 

I stepped out of comfort zone and added COLOR into our bathroom. If it was up to me it would be white on white on white, BUT I didn't want it to come off as sterile and bland ( my usual styling choice haha). We also decided to opt out of a child themed bathroom since this is technically our guest bathroom as well! Wanted to make sure it was inviting and accommodating for everyone. The darker rug and shower curtain choices we're solely for three sons who take showers after baseball practice. Two words; Georgia clay. 

We've had a crazy weekend, but the goal is to finish the remaining tiling tonight so we can start implementing the mood board! What would be your first purchase for your bathroom? Mine is for sure a bath rug! Can't have slippery floors! Would love to hear your pick in the comments, and like always thanks for stopping by and reading!