This week has been so hectic. Between sessions, editing, deadlines, car pool, and you know…being a present parent, I’ve found that I’ve been easily overwhelmed and flustered with this small disruption in my normal ‘routine’. There are so many items out there that are geared towards living a healthier and calmer life, that’s why today I’m sharing my current top five. Self-care is a practical way to ensure your mentality is on track for success. I find that positive thinking is always my personal key to success when it comes to drafting blog posts, upcoming DIY home improvement projects, and whatever other creative endeavor I’m tackling.

Below you’ll see five products that could be game changers in your daily lifestyle. Making small changes in your routine can create a huge impact.


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  • This candle is the perfect addition to any epsom salt bath. Both have a calming effect when used together.

  • Here’s a video I love referencing when it comes to nightly yoga stretches that help induce a great nights sleep- I also love that you don’t have to be a yoga expert for these simply stretches.

  • Restore your energy by placing this pyramid in your home, car, or any other space you spend a significant amount of time in. You can even meditate with it in your hands. This would be such a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend that is struggling with balance and positive energy.

  • I block out an hour two nights a week with these magic crystals. I pair them with this and this for the full effect to relax and release the stresses I’m carrying.

  • There are so many speakers on the market, however I am loving this one because of its waterproof and Bluetooth capabilities.

Do you currently practice or own any of these items and utilize them in your daily life? We would love to know which product was/is your favorite! Drop it in the comments below. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading today! We’re so appreciate of your readership on This Minimal House!